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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A new strategy for constrained focusing in unknown scenarios 1-gen-2012 Crocco, L; Di Donato, L; Iero, D. A. M.; Isernia, Tommaso
A simple idea for an effective sub-arraying of large planar arrays 1-gen-2009 Isernia, Tommaso; D'Urso, M; BUCCI O., M
Diagnosis of Planar Arrays Through Phaseless Measurements and Sparsity Promotion 1-gen-2019 Palmeri, R; Isernia, T; Morabito, Andrea Francesco
Focusing Time-Harmonic Scalar Fields in Complex Scenarios: A Comparison 1-gen-2013 Iero, D. A. M.; Isernia, Tommaso; Crocco, L
An Improved Syntesis Algorithm for Reflectarray Design 1-gen-2005 Venneri, F; Costanzo, S; Di Massa, G; Angiulli, Giovanni
Microwave Imaging of Non Weak Targets via Compressive Sensing and Virtual Experiments 1-gen-2015 Bevacqua, M.; Crocco, L.; Di Donato, L.; Isernia, Tommaso
On the role and choice of source polarization in time reversal focusing of vector fields 1-gen-2016 Iero, D. A. M.; Crocco, L.; Isernia, Tommaso
Optimal Synthesis of Directivity Constrained Pencil Beams by Means of Circularly Symmetric Aperture Fields 1-gen-2009 O. M., Bucci; Morabito, Andrea Francesco; Isernia, Tommaso
Optimal synthesis of shaped beams through concentric ring isophoric sparse arrays 1-gen-2017 Morabito, Andrea Francesco; Nicolaci, P
Optimal Synthesis of Sum and Difference Patterns With Arbitrary Sidelobes Subject to Common Excitations Constraints 1-gen-2010 Morabito, A. F.; Rocca, P.
Optimizing Power Transmission in Given Target Areas in the Presence of Protection Requirements 1-gen-2015 Morabito, A. F.; Lagana, A. R.; Isernia, T.
Reducing the Number of Elements in Phase-Only Reconfigurable Arrays Generating Sum and Difference Patterns 1-gen-2015 Morabito, A. F.; Rocca, P.
Synthesis of Maximum-Efficiency Beam Arrays via Convex Programming and Compressive Sensing 1-gen-2017 Morabito, A. F.
Three-Dimensional Field Intensity Shaping: The Scalar Case 1-gen-2018 Bellizzi, G. G.; Iero, D. A. M.; Crocco, L; Isernia, Tommaso
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 14 di 14
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