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Effetti della dimensione delle buche sulla rinnovazione naturale in rimboschimenti di pino nero 1-gen-2009 Mercurio, R; Mallamaci, C; Muscolo, A; Sidari, M
Response of Soil Properties and Microbial Communities to the Application of Olive Mill Wastewaters 1-gen-2010 Sidari, M; Mallamaci, C; Attinà, E; Muscolo, A
Effects of gap size and soil chemical properties on the natural regeneration in black pine (Pinus nigra Arn.) stands 1-gen-2011 Muscolo, A; Mallamaci, C; Sidari, M; Mercurio, R
Effect of long- term irrigation water salinity on soil properties and microbial biomass 1-gen-2011 Muscolo, A.; Mallamaci, Carmelo; Panuccio, M; Caputo, R.; De Pascale, S.
Biological indicators to assess short-term soil quality changes in forest ecosystems 1-gen-2014 Muscolo, A.; Panuccio, M. R.; Mallamaci, C.; Sidari, M
Use of Recalcitrant Agriculture Wastes to Produce Biogas and Feasible Biofertilizer. 1-gen-2016 Panuccio, Mr; Attina', Emilio; Basile, C; Mallamaci, C; Muscolo, A
Sulfur bentonite-organic-based fertilizers as tool for improving bio-compounds with antioxidant activities in red onion 1-gen-2019 Muscolo, Adele Maria; Papalia, T; Settineri, G; Mallamaci, C; Panuccio, Mr
Responses of soil quality indicators to innovative and traditional thinning in a beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) forest 1-gen-2020 Romeo, F.; Settineri, G.; Sidari, M.; Mallamaci, C.; Muscolo, A.
Effect of organic fertilizers on selected health beneficial bioactive compounds and aroma profile of red topepo sweet pepper 1-gen-2020 Muscolo, A.; Papalia, T.; Mallamaci, C.; Carabetta, S.; Sanzo, R. D.; Russo, M.
Soil salinity improves nutritional and health promoting compounds in three varieties of lentil (Lens culinaris Med.) 1-gen-2020 Muscolo, A.; Calderaro, A.; Papalia, T.; Settineri, G.; Mallamaci, C.; Panuccio, M. R.
Recycling agricultural, municipal and industrial pollutant wastes into fertilizers for a sustainable healthy food production 1-gen-2021 Muscolo, A.; Romeo, F.; Marra, F.; Mallamaci, C.
Effects of gap size and cardinal directions on natural regeneration, growth dynamics of trees outside the gaps and soil properties in european beech forests of southern italy 1-gen-2021 Bagnato, S.; Marziliano, P. A.; Muscolo, A.; Sidari, M.; Mallamaci, C.; Marra, F.
Digestate Application on Two Different Soils: Agricultural Benefit and Risk 1-gen-2021 Panuccio, M. R.; Romeo, F.; Mallamaci, C.; Muscolo, A.
Soil biodiversity as affected by different thinning intensities in a pinus laricio stand of calabrian apennine, south Italy 1-gen-2021 Muscolo, A.; Settineri, G.; Romeo, F.; Mallamaci, C.
Salinity tolerance of lentil is achieved by enhanced proline accumulation, lower level of sodium uptake and modulation of photosynthetic traits 1-gen-2021 Panuccio, Maria R.; Romeo, Federico; Marra, Federica; Mallamaci, Carmelo; Hussain, Muhammad Iftikhar; Muscolo, Adele
Using digestate as fertilizer for a sustainable tomato cultivation 1-gen-2021 Panuccio, M. R.; Mallamaci, C.; Attinà, Emilio.; Muscolo, A.
Growth, nutritional quality and antioxidant capacity of lettuce grown on two different soils with sulphur-based fertilizer, organic and chemical fertilizers 1-gen-2022 Muscolo, A.; Marra, F.; Canino, F.; Maffia, A.; Mallamaci, C.; Russo, M.
Pomegranate Wastes Are Rich in Bioactive Compounds with Potential Benefit on Human Health 1-gen-2022 Marra, F.; Petrovicova, B.; Canino, F.; Maffia, A.; Mallamaci, C.; Muscolo, A.
Phytochemicals from Red Onion, Grown with Eco-Sustainable Fertilizers, Protect Mammalian Cells from Oxidative Stress, Increasing Their Viability 1-gen-2022 Matrella, M. L.; Valletti, A.; Marra, F.; Mallamaci, C.; Cocco, T.; Muscolo, A.
Recycling of agricultural (orange and olive) bio-wastes into ecofriendly fertilizers for improving soil and garlic quality 1-gen-2022 Panuccio, Mr; Marra, F; Maffia, A; Mallamaci, C; Muscolo, A
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