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Detection of trinitrotoluene based on SPR in molecularly imprinted polymer on Plastic Optical Fiber 1-gen-2013 Cennamo, N; Pesavento, M; Bibbo', L; Galatus, R; D'Agostino, G; Zeni, L
“An optical sensor for trinitrotoluene based on surface plasmon resonance in a plastic optical fiber-molecularly imprinted polymer”, 1-gen-2013 D’Agostino, ; N., Cennamo; R., Galatus; Bibbo', L.; L., Zeni; M., Pesavento.
Comparative analysis between two simple experimental configurations for SPR sensors in plastic optical fiber 1-gen-2013 Cennamo, N; Bibbo', L; Conte, L; Zeni, L
Sensors based on surface plasmon resonance in a plastic optical fiberfor the detection of trinitrotolueneN 1-gen-2013 N., Cennamoa; G., D’Agostinb; R., Galatus; Bibbo', L; M., Pesavento; L., Zeni
Tunable perfect absorber for bio-sensing 1-gen-2017 Bibbo', L; Qiang, Liu; Mi, Lin; Qiong, Wang; Zhengbiao, Ouyang
“Surface Plasmon Enhanced Forward Stimulated Brillouin Scattering: A Method for Sub-Terahertz Phonon Generation,” 1-gen-2017 Qiang, Liu; Bibbo', L; Qiong, Wang; Mi Lin and Zhengbiao, Ouyang
“Fabrication of self-assembled three-dimensional nano-photonic crystals and potentials applications” 1-gen-2017 A., Yadav; S., Elshahat; Bibbo', L; K., Khan; X., Tanga; J., Prakashb; G. J., Chenge; A., Kaushik; Z., Ouyang
Tunable narrowband antireflection optical filter with a metasurface 1-gen-2017 Bibbo', L; Karim, Khan; Qiang, Liu; Mi, Lin; Qiong, Wang; AND ZHENGBIAO, Ouyang
"Ultra-high group index slow light with optical buffering performance in photonic crystal waveguide coupled with cavity, 1-gen-2018 Sayed, Elshahat; Israa, Abood; Karim, Khan; Ashish, Yadav; Bibbo', L; Zhengbiao, Ouyang
Photonic and Plasmonic Designs for the Enhanced Raman and Brillouin Scatterings,” 1-gen-2018 Qiang, Liu; Suling, Shen; Sacharia, Albin; Bibbo', L; Qiong, Wang; Mi, Lin; Huihui Lu and Zhengbiao, Ouyang
Facile synthesis of cationic doped [Ca24Al28O64]4+.(4e-) composite via rapid citrate sol-gel method 1-gen-2018 Karim, Khan*; Ayesha Khan, Tareen; Sayed, Elshahat; Ashish, Yadav; Usman, Khan; Minghui, Yang; Bibbo', L; Zhengbiao, Ouyang
Slow-light transmission with high group index and large normalized delay bandwidth product through successive defect rods on intrinsic photonic crystal waveguide 1-gen-2018 Sayed, Elshahat; Karim, Khan; Ashish, Yadav; Bibbo', L; Zhengbiao, Ouyang
Facile metal-free reduction-based synthesis of pristine and cation-doped conductive mayenite 1-gen-2018 Karim, Khan; Ayesha Khan, Tareen; Sayed, Elshahat; Naseer, Muhammad; Jia, Li; Israa, Aboodd; Bibbo', L; Ashish, Yadav; Rizwan Ur Rehman, Sagar; Usman Khand and Zhengbiao, Ouyang
Plasmonic waveguide design for the enhanced forward stimulated brillouin scattering in diamond 1-gen-2018 Qiang, Liu; Bibbo', L; Sacharia, Albin; Qiong, Wang; Mi, Lin; Huihui Lu & Zhengbiao, Ouyang
Metasurfaces and their applications 1-gen-2019 Zhengbiao, Ouyang; Naseer, Muhammad; Bibbo', L; Qiang, Liu
Slow light with high normalized delay-bandwidth product in low-dispersion photonic-crystal coupled-cavity waveguide 1-gen-2019 Israa, Abood; Sayed, Elshahat; Karim, Khan; Bibbo', L; Ashish, Yadav; Zhengbiao, Ouyang
High-speed amplitude modulator with a high modulation index based on a plasmonic resonant tunable metasurface 1-gen-2019 Bibbo', L; Qiang, Liu; Karim, Khan; Ashish, Yadav; Sayed, Elshahat; ZI-LAN, Deng; AND ZHENGBIAO, Ouyang
Single step synthesis of highly conductive room-temperature stable cation-substituted mayenite electride target and thin film 1-gen-2019 Karim, Khan; Ayesha khan, Tareen; Usman, Khan; Adeela, Nairan; Sayed, Elshahat; Naseer, Muhammad; Muhammad, Saeed; Ashish, Yadav; Bibbo', L; Zhengbiao, Ouyang
Radiation-Direction steerable nanoantennae 1-gen-2019 Bibbo', L; Qiangliu, ; Karim, Khan; Ashish, Yadav; Sayed, Elshahat; Israa, Abood; Zhengbiao, Ouyang
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