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Characterisation of nutraceutical compounds from different parts of particular species of Citrus sinensis ‘Ovale Calabrese’ by UHPLC-UV-ESI-HRMS 1-gen-2019 Celano, R.; Campone, L.; Pagano, I.; Carabetta, S.; DI SANZO, Rosa; Rastrelli, L.; Piccinelli, A. L.; Russo, Mariateresa.
High-Performance Anion Exchange Chromatography with Pulsed Amperometric Detection (HPAEC-PAD) and Chemometrics for Geographical and Floral Authentication of Honeys from Southern Italy (Calabria region) 1-gen-2020 Carabetta, S; Di Sanzo, R; Campone, L; Fuda, S; Rastrelli, L; Russo, M
Effect of organic fertilizers on selected health beneficial bioactive compounds and aroma profile of red topepo sweet pepper 1-gen-2020 Muscolo, A.; Papalia, T.; Mallamaci, C.; Carabetta, S.; Sanzo, R. D.; Russo, M.
Onion peel: Turning a food waste into a resource 1-gen-2021 Celano, R.; Docimo, T.; Piccinelli, A. L.; Gazzerro, P.; Tucci, M.; Di Sanzo, R.; Carabetta, S.; Campone, L.; Russo, M.; Rastrelli, L.
Specialized metabolite profiling of different Glycyrrhiza glabra organs by untargeted UHPLC-HRMS 1-gen-2021 Celano, R.; Docimo, T.; Piccinelli, A. L.; Rizzo, S.; Campone, L.; Di Sanzo, R.; Carabetta, S.; Rastrelli, L.; Russo, M.
Development of an antioxidant formula based on peanut by-products and effects on sensory properties and aroma stability of fortified peanut snacks during storage 1-gen-2021 Albergamo, A.; Salvo, A.; Carabetta, S.; Arrigo, S.; Di Sanzo, R.; Costa, R.; Dugo, G.; Russo, M.
Valorisation, Green Extraction Development, and Metabolomic Analysis of Wild Artichoke By-Product Using Pressurised Liquid Extraction UPLC-HRMS and Multivariate Data Analysis 1-gen-2022 Pagliari, Stefania; Cannavacciuolo, Ciro; Celano, Rita; Carabetta, Sonia; Russo, Mariateresa; Labra, Massimo; Campone, Luca
Bergamot and olive extracts as beer ingredients: their influence on nutraceutical and sensory properties 1-gen-2022 Muscolo, A.; Marra, F.; Salafia, F.; Andronaco, P.; Di Sanzo, R.; Carabetta, S.; Russo, Mt.
Different Diacetyl Perception Detected through MOX Sensors in Real-Time Analysis of Beer Samples 1-gen-2023 Liboa, A.; Genzardi, D.; Nunez-Carmona, E.; Carabetta, S.; Di Sanzo, R.; Russo, M.; Sberveglieri, V.
LC-MS and GC-MS Data Fusion Metabolomics Profiling Coupled with Multivariate Analysis for the Discrimination of Different Parts of Faustrime Fruit and Evaluation of Their Antioxidant Activity 1-gen-2023 Cannavacciuolo, Ciro; Pagliari, Stefania; Giustra, Chiara Maria; Carabetta, Sonia; Guidi Nissim, Werther; Russo, Mariateresa; Branduardi, Paola; Labra, Massimo; Campone, Luca
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