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Functionalization of a Vegan Mayonnaise with High Value Ingredient Derived from the Agro-Industrial Sector 1-gen-2021 De Bruno, Alessandra; Romeo, Rosa; Gattuso, Antonio; Piscopo, Amalia Rosa Maria; Poiana, Marco
Functionalized Biscuits with Bioactive Ingredients Obtained by Citrus Lemon Pomace 1-gen-2021 Imeneo, Valeria; Romeo, Rosa; Gattuso, Antonio; De Bruno, Alessandra; Piscopo, Amalia Rosa Maria
Functional and Sustainable Application of Natural Antioxidant Extract Recovered from Olive Mill Wastewater on Shelf-Life Extension of “Basil Pesto” 1-gen-2022 De Bruno, A.; Gattuso, A.; Romeo, R.; Santacaterina, S.; Piscopo, A.
Effect of Edible Coating Enriched with Natural Antioxidant Extract and Bergamot Essential Oil on the Shelf Life of Strawberries 1-gen-2023 De Bruno, A.; Gattuso, A.; Ritorto, D.; Piscopo, A.; Poiana, M.
Recovery of Bioactive Compounds from Calabrian Bergamot Citrus Waste: Selection of Best Green Extraction 1-gen-2023 Gattuso, A.; Piscopo, A.; Romeo, R.; De Bruno, A.; Poiana, M.
Fortification of vegetable fat with natural antioxidants recovered by bergamot pomace for use as an ingredient for the production of biscuits 1-gen-2023 Gattuso, Antonio; Piscopo, Amalia; Santacaterina, Simone; Imeneo, Elisa; De Bruno, Alessandra; Poiana, Marco
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 6 di 6
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