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Population dynamics and the spread of Unaspis yanonensis (Kuwana) in Calabria. 1-gen-2013 Campolo, O; Malacrinò, A; Maione, V; Laudani, F; Chiera, E; Palmeri, Vincenzo
Response of four stored products insects to a structural heat treatment in a flour mill 1-gen-2013 Campolo, O; Verdone, M; Laudani, F; Malacrinò, A; Chiera, E; Palmeri, Vincenzo
Effects of inert dusts applied alone and in combination with sweet orange essential oil against Rhyzopertha dominica (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) and wheat microbial population 1-gen-2014 Campolo, Orlando; Romeo, Fv; Malacrinò, A; Laudani, F; Carpinteri, G; Fabroni, S; Rapisarda, P; Palmeri, Vincenzo
Hymenoptera wasps associated with the Asian gall wasp of chestnut (Dryocosmus kuriphilus) in Calabria, Italy 1-gen-2014 Palmeri, Vincenzo; Cascone, P; Campolo, O; Grande, Sb; Laudani, F; Malacrinò, A; Guerrieri, E
Fumigant bioactivity of five Citrus essential oils against Tribolium confusum 1-gen-2014 Campolo, O.; Malacrinò, A.; Zappalà, L.; Laudani, F.; Chiera, E.; Serra, D.; Russo, Mariateresa; Palmeri, V.
Population dynamics and temperature-dependent development of Chrysomphalus aonidum (L.) to aid sustainable pest management decisions 1-gen-2014 Campolo, O; Malacrinò, A; Laudani, F; Maione, V; Zappalà, L; Palmeri, Vincenzo
Acquisition and transmission of selected CTV isolates by Aphis gossypii 1-gen-2014 Campolo, O; Chiera, E; Malacrinò, A; Laudani, F; Fontana, A; Albanese, G; Palmeri, V
Efficacy of Selected Insecticides for the Control of the California Red Scale in Southern Italy 1-gen-2015 Campolo, O; Malacrinò, A; Grande, Sb; Chiera, E; Palmeri, Vincenzo
Molecular analysis of the fungal microbiome associated with the olive fruit fly Bactrocera oleae 1-gen-2015 Malacrinò, A; Schena, L; Campolo, O; Laudani, F; Palmeri, V
A scientific note on a new pest for European honeybees: first report of small hive beetle Aethina tumida , (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae) in Italy 1-gen-2015 Palmeri, Vincenzo; Scirtò, G.; Malacrinò, A.; Laudani, F.; Campolo, O.
Interaction between ants and the Mediterranean fruit fly: New insights for biological control 1-gen-2015 Campolo, O; Palmeri, Vincenzo; Malacrinò, A; Laudani, F; Castracani, C; Mori, A; Grasso, D A
Bees visiting flowers of Thymus longicaulis (Lamiaceae) 1-gen-2016 Campolo, O; Zappalà, L; Malacrinò, A; Laudani, F; Palmeri, Vincenzo
Larvicidal Effects of Four Citrus Peel Essential Oils Against the Arbovirus Vector Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) 1-gen-2016 Campolo, O; Romeo, Fv; Algeri, Gm; Laudani, F; Malacrinò, A; Timpanaro, N; Palmeri, Vincenzo
Fumigant and repellent activity of limonene enantiomers against Tribolium confusum du Val 1-gen-2016 Malacrinò, A; Campolo, O; Laudani, F; Palmeri, V
Fungal communities associated with bark and ambrosia beetles trapped at international harbours 1-gen-2017 Malacrinò, A; Rassati, D; Schena, L; Mehzabin, R; Battisti, A; Palmeri, V
A novel GIS-based approach to assess beekeeping suitability of Mediterranean lands 1-gen-2017 Zoccali, P; Malacrinò, A; Campolo, O; Laudani, F; Algeri, Gm; Giunti, G; Strano, Cp; Benelli, G; Palmeri, Vincenzo
Field efficacy of two organic acids against Varroa destructor 1-gen-2017 Campolo, O; Malacrinò, A; Laudani, F; Algeri, Gm; Giunti, G; Strano, Cp; Zoccali, P; Palmeri, V
RNAi-mediated gene silencing in Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Oliver) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) 1-gen-2017 Laudani, F; Strano, Cp; Edward, Mg; Malacrinò, A; Campolo, O; Abd El Halim, Hm; Gatehouse, Amr; Palmeri, Vincenzo
A Metabarcoding Survey on the Fungal Microbiota Associated to the Olive Fruit Fly 1-gen-2017 Malacrinò, A; Schena, L; Campolo, O; Laudani, F; Mosca, S; Giunti, G; Strano, Cp; Palmeri, V
Fungal-Mediated Above–Belowground Interactions: The Community Approach, Stability, Evolution, Mechanisms, and Applications 1-gen-2018 Bennett, Alison E.; Orrell, Peter; Malacrinò, Antonino; José Pozo, Maria
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