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An analytical approach for the calculation of random wave forces on submerged tunnels 1-gen-2009 Romolo, A; Malara, G; Barbaro, G; Arena, F
Analytical Development of a One-Line Model for the Analysis of Shoreline Change by Wind Generated Waves 1-gen-2010 Barbaro, G; Malara, G; MARTINO M., C; Arena, F
Analysis of Shoreline Change by Wind Generated Waves 1-gen-2010 Barbaro, G; Malara, G; MARTINO M., C; Arena, Felice
Interaction of ocean waves with a large floating breakwater with a rectangular section, 1-gen-2010 Malara, G; Arena, F.; Arena, Felice
Random Wave forces on a thick finite plate 1-gen-2011 Malara, G; SPANOS P., D; Arena, Felice
Dynamics and hydrodynamics of a moored floating rectangular structure under the action of random sea waves 1-gen-2011 Malara, G.; Arena, F.; Spanos, P. D.
Extreme waves in the Central Mediterranean Sea for design of offshore wind farms and wave energy devices 1-gen-2012 Carillo, A; Laface, V; Malara, G; Romolo, Alessandra; Sannino, G; Arena, Felice
A small-scale field experiment on random Froude-Krylov force on a rectangular structure 1-gen-2012 Arena, F.; Malara, G.; Arena, Felice
Long-Term Modelling of Wave Run-Up and Overtopping during Sea Storms 1-gen-2013 Arena, F; Malara, G; Barbaro, G; Romolo, A; Ghiretti, S
On design and building of a U-OWC wave energy converter in the mediterranean sea: A case study 1-gen-2013 Romolo, Alessandra; Malara, G; Ascanelli, A; Arena, Felice
Wave energy and extreme value analysis in coastal zone in the central Mediterranean sea, oriented to the design of energy harvesters 1-gen-2013 Laface, V; Malara, G; Romolo, Alessandra; Viviano, N; Carillo, A; Sannino, G; Arena, Felice
Set-up due to random waves: influence of the directional spectrum 1-gen-2013 Barbaro, Giuseppe; Giandomenico, Foti; Malara, G
Analytical modelling of an U - Oscillating Water Column and performance in random waves 1-gen-2013 Malara, Giovanni; Arena, Felice
U-Oscillating Water Column in Random Waves: Modelling and Performances 1-gen-2013 Malara, G.; Arena, F.; Arena, Felice
General longshore transport model 1-gen-2013 Tomasicchio, Gr; D’Alessandro, F; Barbaro, G; Malara, G
Installing U-OWC devices along Italian coasts 1-gen-2013 Arena, F; Fiamma, V; Laface, V; Malara, G; Romolo, A; Viviano, A; Sannino, G; Carillo, A
A small scale field experiment on a U-OWC (REWEC3) 1-gen-2013 Arena, F; Romolo, A; Malara, G; Fiamma, V
Long-term statistics of nonlinear wave crests via the equivalent power storm model 1-gen-2013 Malara, G; Romolo, Alessandra; Arena, Felice
A formula for the calculation of the longshore sediment transport including spectral effects 1-gen-2014 Barbaro, G; Giandomenico, Foti; Sicilia, Cl; Malara, G
Field experiment on a U-OWC wave energy converter in confused sea waves 1-gen-2014 Arena, F; Malara, G; Romolo, A; Fiamma, V
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 79
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