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Selected yeasts to enhance phenolic content and quality in red wine from low pigmented grapes 1-gen-2017 Caridi, A; De Bruno, A; De Salvo, E; Piscopo, A; Poiana, M; Sidari, R
A phenol-enriched sunflower oil by olive mill waste water: monitoring of its stability 1-gen-2018 Romeo, R.; De Bruno, A.; Piscopo, A; Poiana, M
Principal qualitative parameters in brined olives from Calabria region (Carolea and Grossa of Gerace cv.) 1-gen-2018 De Bruno, A.; Zappia, A.; Piscopo, A; Poiana, M.
Effect of the Harvesting Time on the Quality of Olive Oils Produced in Calabria. 1-gen-2018 Piscopo, A; Zappia, A; De Bruno, A; Poiana, M
Influence of Light Exposure during Cold Storage of Minimally Processed Vegetables (Valeriana sp.) 1-gen-2018 Zappia, A; De Bruno, A; Torino, R; Piscopo, A; Poiana, M
Effect of olive storage temperature on the quality of Carolea and Ottobratica oils 1-gen-2018 Piscopo, A; DE BRUNO, A; Zappia, A; Gioffrè, G; Grillone, N; Mafrica, R; Poiana, M
Antioxidant activity shown by olive pomace extracts 1-gen-2018 De Bruno, A; Romeo, R; Fedele, F L; Sicari, A; Piscopo, A; Poiana, M
Integrated Study of Qualitative Olive and Oil Production from Three Important Varieties Grown in Calabria (Southern Italy) 1-gen-2019 Mafrica, R; Piscopo, A; De Bruno, A; Pellegrino, P; Zappia, A; Zappia, R; Poiana, M
Qualitative evaluation of fermented olives grown in Southern Italy (cvs. Carolea, Grossa of Gerace and Nocellara Messinese) 1-gen-2019 De Bruno, A.; Zappia, A.; Piscopo, A; Poiana, M.
Quality of shredded carrots minimally processed by different dipping solutions 1-gen-2019 Piscopo, A.; Zappia, A.; Princi, M. P.; De Bruno, A.; Araniti, F.; Lupini, A.; Abenavoli, M. R.; Poiana, M.; De Bruno, Alessandra
Evaluation of enrichment with antioxidants from olive oil mill wastes in hydrophilic model system 1-gen-2019 Romeo, R; De Bruno, A; Imeneo, V; Piscopo, A; Poiana, M
PACKAGING OF PLA FOR MINIMALLY PROCESSED CARROTS 1-gen-2019 Zappia, Angela; De Bruno, Alessandra; Piscopo, Amalia Rosa Maria
Physico-chemical and microbiological quality of ready-to-eat rocket (Eruca vesicaria (L.) Cav.) treated with organic acids during storage in dark and light conditions 1-gen-2019 Zappia, A; De Bruno, A; Piscopo, A; Poiana, M
Effect of brine composition on yeast biota associated with naturally fermented Nocellara messinese table olives. 1-gen-2019 Sidari, R; Martorana, A; De Bruno, A
Impact of Olive leaf yellowing associated virus on olive (Olea europaea L.) oil 1-gen-2019 Fontana, A.; Piscopo, A.; De Bruno, A.; Tiberini, A.; Muzzalupo, I.; Albanese, G
Use of biodegradable materials as alternative packaging of typical Calabrian Provola cheese 1-gen-2019 Piscopo, A; Zappia, A; De Bruno, A; Pozzo, S; Limbo, S; Piergiovanni, L; Poiana, M
Protective effect of vegetal extracts against acidic and alcoholic stress in wine yeasts 1-gen-2020 Caridi, A; Talbi, W; Sidari, Rossana; De Bruno, A; Poiana, M; Fattouch, S
Effects of phenolic enrichment on vitamin C and antioxidant activity of commercial orange juice 1-gen-2020 Romeo, R.; de Bruno, A.; Piscopo, A.; Medina, E.; Ramirez, E.; Brenes, M.; Poiana, M.
Effect of Agronomical and Technological Treatments to Obtain Selenium-Fortified Table Olives 1-gen-2020 De Bruno, Alessandra; Piscopo, Amalia; Cordopatri, Francesco; Poiana, Marco; Mafrica, Rocco
Impact of Stability of Enriched Oil with Phenolic Extract from Olive MillWastewaters 1-gen-2020 Romeo, R.; De Bruno, A.; Imeneo, V.; Piscopo, A.; Poiana, M.
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 61
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