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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Free web mapping tools to characterise landscape dynamics and to favour e-participation 1-gen-2013 Pollino, M; Modica, Giuseppe
Geomatics in Analyzing the Evolution of Agricultural Terraced Landscapes 1-gen-2014 Praticò, S; Pollino, M; DI FAZIO, Salvatore; Modica, Giuseppe
GIS and Remote Sensing to Study Urban-Rural Transformation During a Fifty-Year Period 1-gen-2011 Fichera, C. R.; Modica, Giuseppe; Pollino, M
HySoN: A Distributed Agent-Based Protocol for Group Formation in Online Social Networks 1-gen-2013 Messina, F; Pappalardo, G; Rosaci, D; Santoro, C.; Sarne', G
Integrated Evaluation and Multi-methodological Approaches for the Enhancement of the Cultural Landscape 1-gen-2017 DELLA SPINA, Lucia
Integrating Traditional Stores and e-Commerce into a Multi-tiered Recommender System Architecture Supported by IoT 1-gen-2017 Fortino, G; Guerrieri, A; Rosaci, D; Sarne', G
Intra-network Analysis Based on Comparison Between Graph Theory Approach and Pathwalker 1-gen-2023 Lumia, Giovanni; Cushman, Samuel; Pratico, Salvatore; Modica, Giuseppe
Intracranial Pressure Signal Processing by Adaptative Fuzzy Network 1-gen-2003 B., Azzerboni; M., Carpentieri; M., Ipsale; Morabito, Francesco Carlo; LA FORESTA, Fabio
Local Communities and Management of Cultural Heritage of the Inner Areas. An Application of Break-Even Analysis 1-gen-2017 Calabro', Francesco
MARS: An Agent-based Recommender System for the Semantic Web 1-gen-2007 Garruzzo, S; Rosaci, D; Sarne', G
Methodologies for Sustainable Development of TEN-T/RFC Corridors and Core Ports: Estimation of Time-Series Economic Impact 1-gen-2023 Musolino, Giuseppe; Cartisano, Antonio; Fortugno, Giuseppe
Methodologies for Sustainable Development of TEN-T/RFC Corridors and Core Ports: Workers Mobility between Urban and Port-Related Areas 1-gen-2023 Rindone, C.; Panuccio, P.; Sgro, D.
MMS and GIS for Self-driving Car and Road Management 1-gen-2017 Barrile, Vincenzo; Meduri, Gm; Critelli, M; Bilotta, G
A Multicriteria Assessment Model for Selecting Strategic Projects in Urban Areas 1-gen-2016 DELLA SPINA, Lucia; Ventura, C; Viglianisi, A
Neural network approach for estimation and prediction of time to disruption in Tokamak reactors 1-gen-2003 Greco, A; Morabito, Fc; Versaci, Mario
A QoS-Aware, Trust-Based Aggregation Model for Grid Federations 1-gen-2014 Comi, A; Fotia, L; Messina, F; Rosaci, D; Sarne', G
Recommending Users in Social Networks by Integrating Local and Global Reputation 1-gen-2014 DE MEO, P; Messina, F; Rosaci, D; Sarne, G
Similarity and Trust to Form Groups in Online Social Networks 1-gen-2015 DE MEO, P; Messina, F; Pappalardo, G; Rosaci, D; Sarne', G
Special Economic Zones Planning for Sustainable Ports: Aggregate Economic Impact of Port of Gioia Tauro 1-gen-2022 Musolino, Giuseppe; Cartisano, A.; Fortugno, G.
Special Economic Zones Planning for Sustainable Ports: The Role of Research and Training in the Calabria Region 1-gen-2022 Rindone, C.; Cirianni, F. M. M.; Delfino, G.; Croce, A. I.
Mostrati risultati da 11 a 30 di 42
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