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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Groundwater remediation using permeable reactive barrier technology 1-gen-2019 Bilardi, S.; Calabro' Paolo, S; Moraci, N.
Group Interactions in Wireless Cooperative Networks 1-gen-2011 Militano, L.; Fitzek, F.; Iera, A.; Molinaro, Antonella
Group-based communications in cellular IoT 16-apr-2021 Vikhrova, Olga
Group-based delivery of critical traffic in cellular IoT networks 1-gen-2020 Vikhrova, O.; Pizzi, S.; Molinaro, A.; Iera, A.; Samouylov, K.; Araniti, G.
Group-Oriented Broadcasting of Augmented Reality Services over 5G New Radio 1-gen-2019 Benenati, N.; Desogus, C.; Scopelliti, P.; Iradier, E.; Montalban, J.; Murroni, M.; Araniti, G.; Angueira, P.; Fadda, M.
Group-Oriented Services for Critical Machine Type Communications in 5G Networks 1-gen-2018 Vikhrova, O; Pizzi, S; Molinaro, Antonella; Samouylov, K; Araniti, Giuseppe
Grouping IoT devices by Trust and Meritocracy 1-gen-2021 Fortino, G.; Fotia, L.; Messina, F.; Rosaci, D.; Sarne, G. M. L.
Grouptrust: Finding trust-based group structures in social communities 1-gen-2017 De Meo, P; Fotia, L; Messina, F; Rosaci, D; Sarne', G
Growth and analysis of C nanotubes on ceramic polymer-additives 1-gen-2012 Santangelo, Saveria; E., Piperopoulos; M., Lanza; C., Milone
Growth and onto-morphogenesis of soybean (Glycine max Merrill) in an open, naturally CO2-enriched environment 1-gen-1993 Miglietta, F; Raschi, A; Resti, R; Badiani, Maurizio
Growth and yield of mixed versus pure stands of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) and European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) analysed along a productivity gradient through Europe 1-gen-2015 Pretzsch, H.; del Río, M.; Ammer, Ch.; Avdagic, A.; Barbeito, I.; Bielak, K.; Brazaitis, G.; Coll, L.; Dirnberger, G.; Drössler, L.; Fabrika, M.; Forrester, D. I.; Godvod, K.; Heym, M.; Hurt, V.; Kurylyak, V.; Löf, M.; Lombardi, Fabio; Matović, B.; Mohren, F.; Motta, R.; den Ouden, J.; Pach, M.; Ponette, Q.; Schütze, G.; Schweig, J.; Skrzyszewski, J.; Sramek, V.; Sterba, H.; Stojanović, D.; Svoboda, M.; Vanhellemont, M.; Verheyen, K.; Wellhausen, K.; Zlatanov, T.; Bravo-Oviedo, A.
Growth and yield water status and use of spring and winter rapeseed in relation to time of sowing 1-gen-2003 Monti, Michele; U., Anastasi; Santonoceto, Carmelo
Growth at low. non-chilling temperatures affects the distribution of photosynthetic pigments and antioxidants along the leaf lamina of Triticum durum L. seedlings 1-gen-1993 Badiani, Maurizio; Paolacci, Ar; D'Annibale, A; GIOVANNOZZI SERMANNI, G
Growth dynamics, climate sensitivity and water use efficiency in pure vs. mixed pine and beech stands in Trentino (Italy) 1-gen-2018 Conte, E.; Lombardi, Fabio; Battipaglia, G.; Palombo, C.; Altieri, S.; La Porta, N.; Marchetti, M.; Tognetti, R.
Growth model for Italian Douglas fir plantations 1-gen-1995 Scotti, R; Corona, P; LA MARCA, O; Marziliano, P. A.; Tarchiani, R; Tomaiuolo, M
Growth of carbon nanotubes through catalytic CVD over Fe loaded Montmorillonite catalysts 1-gen-2009 D., Manikandan; A., Pistone; M., Lanza; Santangelo, Saveria; S., Galvagno; C., Milone; Messina, Giacomo
Growth of fractal aggregates during template directed SAPO-34 zeolite formation 1-gen-2013 Bonaccorsi, Lucio Maria; Calandra, P.; Amenitsch, H.; Proverbio, E.; Lombardo, D.
Growth of tomato and zucchini seedlings in orange waste compost media: pH and the implication of dosage 1-gen-2011 Sorgona', A; Abenavoli, M R; Cacco, G; Gelsomino, A
Growth, nutritional quality and antioxidant capacity of lettuce grown on two different soils with sulphur-based fertilizer, organic and chemical fertilizers 1-gen-2022 Muscolo, A.; Marra, F.; Canino, F.; Maffia, A.; Mallamaci, C.; Russo, M.
Guaranteed Pursuit and Evasion Times in a Differential Game for an Infinite System in Hilbert Space l2 1-gen-2023 Ibragimov, Gafurjan; Qushaqov, Xolmurodjon; Muxammadjonov, Akbarjon; Pansera, Bruno Antonio
Mostrati risultati da 9.769 a 9.788 di 25.708
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