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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Yacht Mind 1-gen-2009 Mannino, Marco; Arcidiacono, G
YACHTS MIND 1-gen-2009 Arcidiacono, Giuseppe Carlo; Mannino, Marco
Yachts MIND 1-gen-2008 A CURA, Di; Mannino, Marco; Daria, Caruso; Laura, Marino
Yeast biofilm-like behaviour in rich or poor media in the presence of polyphenols. 1-gen-2011 Sidari, R; Howell, K. S.; Caridi, A.
Yeast selection for ability to remove ochratoxin A during winemaking 1-gen-2005 Caridi, A.; Galvano, F.; Tafuri, A.; Ritieni, A.
Yeast to enhance wine safety and healthiness (intervento orale) 1-gen-2010 Caridi, A.; Sidari, R.
Yeasts and lactic acid bacteria consortia associated with orange peel waste 1-gen-2019 Sidari, Rossana; Fazzino, F; Calabrò, Ps
Yeld performance and grain lipid composition of standard and oleic sunflower as affected by water supply 1-gen-2010 Anastasi, U.; Sortino, O.; Gresta, F.; Abbate, V.; Giuffre', Angelo Maria; Santonoceto, Carmelo
“Yield and quality optimisation for MWNTs prepared by catalytic CVD” 1-gen-2006 M. G., Donato; Messina, Giacomo; C., Milone; Santangelo, Saveria
Yield and quality optimization for MWNT prepared by catalytic CVD 1-gen-2007 Donato, M. G.; Galvagno, S.; Messina, Giacomo; Milone, C.; Pistone, A.; Santangelo, Saveria
Yield components and nitrogen use in cereal-pea intercrops in Mediterranean environment 1-gen-2016 Monti, M; Pellicanò, A; Santonoceto, C; Preiti, G; Pristeri, A
A yield criterion for isotropic and cross-anisotropic cohesive-frictional materials 1-gen-2010 Mortara, Giuseppe
Yield performance of Faba bean– Wheat intercropping on spring and winter sowing in European organic farming system 1-gen-2006 A., Pristeri; C., Dahlmann; P., VON FRAGSTEIN; M. J., Gooding; H., HAUGGAARD-NIELSEN; Monti, Michele
Yoram Dinstein, The Conduct of Hostilities under the Law of International Armed Conflict, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2004, pp. 275 1-gen-2005 Mancini, Marina
You have great faith in drawing the landscape. Why is that? What are you trying to find when you draw? 1-gen-2013 Morabito, Valerio Alberto
Young Firms Sustainability and Corporate Reputation: A Comparison of the Survival Rates in the US and EU 1-gen-2017 Nicolò, D.
Young ideas in green and sustainable catalysis 1-gen-2021 Paone, E
Young People for an Interactive Archaeology in Calabria 695 1-gen-2015 Fatta, Francesca
YU_topia. Balkan Architecture 1-gen-2023 Tornatora, M.; Bajkovski, B.; &, ; Amaro, O.
Z_2 symmetric critical point theorems for nondifferentiable functions 1-gen-2008 Candito, Pasquale; Livrea, R; Motreanu, D
Mostrati risultati da 25.904 a 25.923 di 25.960
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