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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Wavelet and unsupervised learning techniques for experimental biomedical data processing 1-gen-2012 Cacciola, M.; Calcagno, Salvatore; Lagana', F.; Morabito, F. C.; Pellicano', D.; Palamara, I.; Versaci, Mario
A wavelet approach for classifying filtered sEMG experimental data 1-gen-2004 Costantino, D; Morabito, F. C.; Versaci, Mario
Wavelet coherence and Fuzzy subtractive clustering for defect classification in aeronautic CFRP 1-gen-2010 Cacciola, M; Megali, G; Pellicano', G; Versaci, Mario; Morabito, Fc; Calcagno, Salvatore
Wavelet coherence-based clustering of EEG signals to estimate the brain connectivity in absence epileptic patients 1-gen-2017 Ieracitano, C; Duun-Henriksen, J; Mammone, N; La Foresta, F; Morabito, Francesco Carlo
Wavelet Neural Network Processing of Urban Air Pollution 1-gen-2002 Morabito, Francesco Carlo; Versaci, Mario
Wavelet packet analysis and experimental data approximation on Cray T3D 1-gen-1996 L., Puccio; V., Calderone; Cotronei, Mariantonia; G., Cusumano; R. C., Russo; G., Stringelli; P., Princi
Wavelet Tools for Improving the Accuracy of Neural Network Solution of Electromagnetic Inverse Problems 1-gen-1998 Morabito, Francesco Carlo; Formisano, A; Martone, R
Wavelet-based estimation of fully non-stationary spectra and applications to seismic engineering 1-gen-2009 Failla, Giuseppe; Pappatico, M; Francomano, A; Santini, Adolfo
Wavelet-ICA methodology for efficient artifact removal from Electroencephalographic recordings 1-gen-2007 Inuso, G.; LA FORESTA, F.; Mammone, N.; LA FORESTA, Fabio; Morabito, Francesco Carlo
Wavelets applications in structural dynamics 1-gen-2002 Spanos, P D; Tratskas, P; Failla, Giuseppe
Wavelets for multichannel signals 1-gen-2002 Bacchelli, S; Cotronei, Mariantonia; Sauer, T
Wavelets in non-linear inverse scattering 1-gen-2000 Bucci, Om; Crocco, L; Isernia, Tommaso; Pascazio, V
Wavelets – Concepts and applications 1-gen-2005 Spanos, P D; Failla, Giuseppe; Politis, N P
Wavelets: Theoretical concepts and vibrations related applications 1-gen-2005 Spanos, P D; Failla, Giuseppe
Wax Ester Variation in Olive Oils Produced in Calabria (Southern Italy) During Olive Ripening 1-gen-2014 Giuffre', A. M.
Weak covering properties and infinite games 1-gen-2012 Babinkostova, L.; Pansera, B. A.; Scheepers, M.
Weak covering properties and selection principles 1-gen-2013 Babinkostova, L.; Pansera, B. A.; Scheepers, M.
Weak forms of shakedown for elastic-plastic structures exhibiting ductile damage 1-gen-2001 C., Polizzotto; G., Borino; Fuschi, Paolo
The weak Lefschetz property for vector bundle on P^2 1-gen-2021 Failla, Gioia; Peterson, C; Flores, Z
Weakened convexity and alternative theorem: new results in nonsmooth optimization and minimax theory 1-gen-2002 Ferrara, Massimiliano; Caristi, G.
Mostrati risultati da 23.091 a 23.110 di 23.278
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