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Deep convolutional neural networks for classification of mild cognitive impaired and Alzheimer's disease patients from scalp EEG recordings 1-gen-2016 Morabito, F; Campolo, M; Ieracitano, C; Ebadi, J; Bonanno, L; De Salvo, S; Mammone, N; Bramanti, A; Bramanti, P
Investigating the brain connectivity evolution in AD and MCI patients through the EEG signals’ wavelet coherence 1-gen-2017 Ieracitano, C.; Mammone, N.; La Foresta, F.; Morabito, F. C.
Information theoretic-based interpretation of a deep neural network approach in diagnosing psychogenic non-epileptic seizures 1-gen-2018 Gasparini, S; Campolo, M; Ieracitano, C; Mammone, N; Ferlazzo, E; Sueri, C; Tripodi, Gg; Aguglia, U; Morabito, F
A Machine-learning and Compressive-sensing Inspired Approach to the Optimal Array Pattern Synthesis 1-gen-2019 Morabito, A. F.; Ieracitano, C.; Morabito, F. C.
METHOD FOR DETECTING A CONVERSION FROM MILD COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT TO ALZHEIMER DISEASE 1-gen-2019 Mammone, N; Morabito, Francesco Carlo; Bramanti, P ; Bramanti, A; Campolo, M; Ieracitano, C; Bonanno, L
A Survey on the Role of Wireless Sensor Networks and IoT in Disaster Management 1-gen-2019 Adeel, Ahsan; Gogate, Mandar; Farooq, Saadullah; Ieracitano, Cosimo; Dashtipour, Kia; Larijani, Hadi; Hussain, Amir
Brain network analysis and deep learning models for studying neurological disorders based on EEG signal processing 16-apr-2019 Ieracitano, Cosimo
A deep CNN approach to decode motor preparation of upper limbs from time–frequency maps of EEG signals at source level 1-gen-2020 Mammone, N.; Ieracitano, C.; Morabito, F. C.
Estimating the Asymmetry of Brain Network Organization in Stroke Patients from High-Density EEG Signals 1-gen-2020 Mammone, N.; De Salvo, S.; Marino, S.; Bonanno, L.; Ieracitano, C.; Dattola, S.; La Foresta, F.; Morabito, F. C.
A highly-efficient fuzzy-based controller with high reduction inputs and membership functions for a grid-connected photovoltaic system 1-gen-2020 Farah, L.; Hussain, A.; Kerrouche, A.; Ieracitano, C.; Ahmad, J.; Mahmud, M.
A novel multi-modal machine learning based approach for automatic classification of EEG recordings in dementia 1-gen-2020 Ieracitano, Cosimo; Mammone, Nadia; Hussain, Amir; Morabito, Francesco C
A novel statistical analysis and autoencoder driven intelligent intrusion detection approach 1-gen-2020 Ieracitano, C.; Adeel, A.; Morabito, F. C.; Hussain, A.
SoCNNet: An Optimized Sobel Filter Based Convolutional Neural Network for SEM Images Classification of Nanomaterials 1-gen-2021 Ieracitano, C.; Paviglianiti, A.; Mammone, Nadia; Versaci, M.; Pasero, E.; Morabito, F. C.
An Ensemble Based Classification Approach for Persian Sentiment Analysis 1-gen-2021 Dashtipour, K.; Ieracitano, C.; Morabito, F. C.; Raza, A.; Hussain, A.
A novel explainable machine learning approach for EEG-based brain-computer interface systems 1-gen-2021 Ieracitano, C.; Mammone, N.; Hussain, A.; Morabito, F. C.
A fuzzy-enhanced deep learning approach for early detection of Covid-19 pneumonia from portable chest X-ray images 1-gen-2022 Ieracitano, C.; Mammone, N.; Versaci, M.; Varone, G.; Ali, A. -R.; Armentano, A.; Calabrese, G.; Ferrarelli, A.; Turano, L.; Tebala, C.; Hussain, Z.; Sheikh, Z.; Sheikh, A.; Sceni, G.; Hussain, A.; Morabito, F. C.
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