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The Effect of a Realistic Urban Scenario on the Performance of Algorithms for Handover and Call Management in Hierarchical Cellular Systems 1-gen-2004 Natalizio, E; Molinaro, Antonella; Marano, S
A threat to friendship privacy in facebook 1-gen-2016 Buccafurri, Francesco; Lax, Gianluca; Nicolazzo, Serena; Nocera, Antonino
Towards Explainable and Privacy-Preserving Artificial Intelligence for Personalisation in Autism Spectrum Disorder 1-gen-2022 Mahmud, M.; Kaiser, M. S.; Rahman, M. A.; Wadhera, T.; Brown, D. J.; Shopland, N.; Burton, A.; Hughes-Roberts, T.; Mamun, S. A.; Ieracitano, C.; Tania, M. H.; Moni, M. A.; Islam, M. S.; Ray, K.; Hossain, M. S.
TRES: A Decentralized Agent-Based Recommender System to Support B2C Activities 1-gen-2009 Rosaci, D; Sarne', G
A trust-based, multi-agent architecture supporting inter-cloud VM migration in IaaS Federations 1-gen-2014 Messina, F; Pappalardo, G; Rosaci, D; Sarne', G
UAV LiDAR Survey for Forest Structure Metrics Estimation in Planning Scenario. A Case Study on a Laricio Pine Forest in the Sila Mountains (Southern Italy) 1-gen-2023 De Luca, Giandomenico; Pratico, Salvatore; Messina, Gaetano; Borgogno-Mondino, Enrico; Modica, Giuseppe
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Derived Canopy Gaps in the Old-Growth Beech Forest of Mount Pollinello (Italy): Preliminary Results 1-gen-2021 Solano, Francesco; Pratico, Salvatore; Piovesan, Gianluca; Modica, Giuseppe
An Unpiloted Aerial System (UAV) Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) Based Approach to Detect Canopy Forest Structure Parameters in Old-Growth Beech Forests: Preliminary Results 1-gen-2023 Pratico, Salvatore; Solano, Francesco; Piovesan, Gianluca; Modica, Giuseppe
Using Agents for Generating Personalized Recommendations of Multimedia Contents 1-gen-2013 Rosaci, D; Sarne, G
Mostrati risultati da 34 a 42 di 42
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