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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
"WAHR SPRICHT, WER SCHATTEN SPRICHT" 1-gen-2014 Arcidiacono, Giuseppe Carlo
Wall panels of Arundo donax L. for environmentally sustainable agriculture buildings: Thermal performance evaluation 1-gen-2013 Barreca, Francesco; Fichera, C
WAQM: managing QoS in Wireless Networks by means of an XML-based multiagent System 1-gen-2007 Araniti, Giuseppe; De Meo, P; Iera, A; Ursino, D
Warming-related growth responses at the southern limit distribution of mountain pine (Pinus mugo Turra ssp. mugo) 1-gen-2014 Palombo, C; Battipaglia, G; Cherubini, P; Chirici, G; Garfì, V; Lasserre, B; Lombardi, Fabio; Marchetti, M; Tognetti, R
A warning on how to implement anonymous credential protocols into the information card framework 1-gen-2012 Ates, Mikael; Fayolle, Jacques; Lax, Gianluca; Buccafurri, Francesco
A Warning on Software Interoperability in e-Health 1-gen-2019 Lax, Gianluca
Warped Product CR-submanifolds in locally conformal kaeler manifolds 1-gen-2004 Bonanzinga, Vittoria; K., Matsumoto
Waste Landscape: Urban Regeneration Process for Shared Scenarios 1-gen-2022 Della Spina, L.; Giorno, C.
Wastewater irrigation. Lisimeter investigation on water quality aspects 1-gen-1984 Indelicato, S; LI DESTRI NICOSIA, O.; Tamburino, Vincenzo
Wastewater irrigation. Lisimeter investigation on water quality aspects."Environmental Technology Letters" 1-gen-1984 Indelicato, S; LI DESTRI NICOSIA, O; Tamburino, Vincenzo
Wastewater Management in Citrus Processing Industries: An Overview of Advantages and Limits 1-gen-2019 Zema, Demetrio Antonio; Calabro, Paolo Salvatore; Folino, Adele; Tamburino, Vincenzo; Zappia, Giovanni; Zimbone, Santo Marcello
Wastewater reuse by drip irrigation 1-gen-2001 Capra, Antonina; Scicolone, B
Water and energy savings in the deficit irrigation technique 1-gen-2009 Capra, Antonina; Consoli, S; PÉREZ DE CORCHO FUENTES J., S; Scicolone, B
Water deficit forecasting: the case-study of an irrigation system in Sicily 1-gen-1990 Indelicato, S; Tamburino, Vincenzo; Barbagallo, S; Mazzola, G
Water Hammer Simulation in a Steel Pipeline System with a Sudden Cross Section Change 1-gen-2021 Malesinska, A.; Kubrak, M.; Rogulski, M.; Puntorieri, P.; Fiamma, V.; Barbaro, G.
Water Infiltration and Surface Runoff in Steep Clayey Soils of Olive Groves under Different Management Practices 1-gen-2019 Bombino, Giuseppe; Denisi, P.; Gòmez, J. A.; Zema, Demetrio Antonio
Water management strategies under deficit irrigation 1-gen-2008 Capra, Antonina; Consoli, S; Scicolone, B
Water monitoring in urban context using the Geodatabase 1-gen-2006 Barrile, Vincenzo; Cotroneo, F
’Water projects’: the grammar of natur or the language of vision? 1-gen-2016 Amaro, Ottavio Salvatore
Water quality and distribution uniformity in drip/trickle irrigation systems 1-gen-1998 Capra, Antonina; Scicolone, B
Mostrati risultati da 22.925 a 22.944 di 23.146
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