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Electrospun nanomaterials for energy applications: recent advances, file e2047587-1947-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 26
Aid of Raman spectroscopy in diagnostics of MWCNTs synthesised by catalytic CVD, file e2047586-3e8e-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 17
Effect of Hematite Doping with Aliovalent Impurities on the Electrochemical Performance of alpha-Fe2O3@rGO-Based Anodes in Sodium-Ion Batteries, file e2047587-22c9-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 12
Bacterial-cellulose-derived carbonaceous electrode materials for water desalination via capacitive method: The crucial role of defect sites, file e2047586-fcfb-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 10
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Niobium pentoxide nanomaterials with distorted structures as efficient acid catalysts, file e2047587-1999-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 8
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Comparing the Performance of Nb2O5 Composites with Reduced Graphene Oxide and Amorphous Carbon in Liand Na-Ion Electrochemical Storage Devices, file e2047587-0944-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 4
Synergistic effects of active sites nature and hydrophilicity on oxygen reduction reaction activity of Pt-free catalysts, file e2047587-14f6-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 4
Electro-spun graphene-enriched carbon fibres with high nitrogen-contents for electrochemical water desalination, file e2047587-1c4b-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 4
Evaluation of electrospun self-supporting paper-like fibrous membranes as oil sorbents, file e2047588-fc9c-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 4
Single-crystal diamond MIS diode for deep UV detection, file e2047586-0c11-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Influence of gas-mixture composition on yield, purity and morphology of carbon nanotubes grown by catalytic isobutane-decomposition, file e2047586-0e1f-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Large-scale production of high-quality multi-walled carbon nanotubes: role of precursor gas and of Fe-catalyst support, file e2047586-11fe-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Influence of reaction parameters on the activity of ruthenium based catalysts for glycerol steam reforming, file e2047586-1700-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Nature of non-D and non-G bands in Raman spectra of a-C:H(N) films grown by reactive sputtering, file e2047586-19a2-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
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High Quality CVD Diamond for Detection Applications: Structural Characterization, file e2047586-4224-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
High-temperature growth of graphene films on copper foils by ethanol chemical vapor deposition, file e2047586-4226-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Comparative life cycle assessment of Fe2O3-based fibers as anode materials for sodium-ion batteries, file e2047587-0c7c-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Electrospun C/GeO2 paper-like electrodes for flexible Li-ion batteries, file e2047587-10bd-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Stabilization of TiO2 nanoparticles at the surface of carbon nanomaterials promoted by microwave heating, file e2047587-1264-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
A comparison of the ethanol sensing properties of -iron oxide nanostructures prepared via the sol-gel and electrospinning techniques (Article), file e2047587-1453-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Role of the carbon defects in the oxygen reduction by graphite nanoparticles: a spectromagnetic, electrochemical and modellistic integrated approach, file e2047587-19ad-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Synthesis and characterization of Fe2O3/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite as a high-performance anode material for sodium-ion batteries, file e2047587-1a04-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
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Optical characterisation of high-quality homoepitaxial diamond, file e2047586-1e32-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Liquid phase functionalization of MWCNTs: morphology and surface modification, file e2047586-2a9d-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
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Study of strain and wetting phenomena in porous silicon by Raman scattering, file e2047586-39de-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Numerical approximation of the physical laws governing scattering in electron beam lithography, file e2047586-3fec-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Effects of hydrogen incorporation on structural relaxation and vibrational properties of a-CN:H thin films grown by reactive sputtering, file e2047586-4214-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Experiments on C nanotubes synthesis by Fe-assisted ethane decomposition, file e2047586-4228-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Preparation of nanotubes-clay hybrid systems by iron-catalyzed isobutane decomposition, file e2047586-4294-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Low-frequency Raman study of hollow multiwalled nanotubes grown by Fe-catalyzed chemical vapor deposition, file e2047586-42fa-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Electron scattering of diamond membranes in x-ray mask fabrication, file e2047586-5200-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Chemical modification of graphene oxide through diazonium chemistry and its influence on the structure-properties relationships of graphene oxide-iron oxide nanocomposites, file e2047587-0913-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Electro-spun Co3O4 anode material for Na-ion rechargeable batteries, file e2047587-103d-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
CO2 sensing properties of electro-spun Ca-doped ZnO fibres, file e2047587-142e-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Are Electrospun Fibrous Membranes Relevant Electrode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries? The Case of the C/Ge/GeO2 Composite Fibers, file e2047587-1495-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Zinc oxide nanocolloids prepared by picosecond pulsed laser ablation in water at different temperatures, file e2047587-150c-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Microstructure of anatase-based hybrid nanocomposites, file e2047587-1ee4-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Electrospun Ag/PMA nanofibrous scaffolds as a drug delivery system, file e2047587-1f95-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Radiological assessment, mineralogy and geochemistry of the heavy-mineral placers from the Calabrian coast (South Italy), file e2047587-2278-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
High quality CVD diamond: a Raman scattering and photoluminscence study, file e2047588-1aed-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue Dye by Electrospun Binary and Ternary Zinc and Titanium Oxide Nanofibers , file e2047589-10a6-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Anode materials based on doped iron oxides for Na-ion storage, file e2047589-1559-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Anode materials based on rock-salt high entropy oxide for Li-ion storage, file 1de133e9-4536-4344-8ad2-b1c6fd14b478 1
Evaluation of electrospun spinel-type high-entropy (Cr 0.2 Mn 0.2 Fe 0.2 Co 0.2 Ni 0.2 ) 3 O 4 , (Cr 0.2 Mn 0.2 Fe 0.2 Co 0.2 Zn 0.2 ) 3 O 4 and (Cr 0.2 Mn 0.2 Fe 0.2 Ni 0.2 Zn 0.2 ) 3 O 4 oxide nanofibers as electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution in alkaline medium, file bb8f77a5-8741-457a-b3a9-7699588de18e 1
Exciton condensation in homoepitaxial chemical vapor deposition diamond, file e2047586-0bc9-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
K10 Montmorillonite Based Catalysts for the Growth of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes through Catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition, file e2047586-0bd6-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Diamond-based photoconductors for deep UV detection, file e2047586-0bfc-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
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Micro-Raman and photoluminescence analysis of composite vanadium oxide/poly-vinyl acetate fibres synthesised by electro-spinning, file e2047586-0ce3-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
“Experimental test of high-resolution process modelling in electron-beam lithography at 25 to 50 keV”, file e2047586-0d19-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Effect of Fe load on the synthesis of C nanotubes by isobutane decomposition over Na-exchanged montmorillonite-clay catalysts, file e2047586-1110-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
“Study of the valence bands of FePS3 and NiPS3 by resonant-photoemission spectroscopy”, file e2047586-1308-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Enhanced catalytic activity of platinum carbonaceous materials in catalytic wet air oxidation of poly phenolic substrate - p-coumaric acid, file e2047586-13bc-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Evaluation of the overall crystalline quality of amorphous carbon containing multi-walled nanotubes, file e2047586-1716-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Multi-walled carbon nanotubes production by ethane decomposition over silica-supported iron-catalysts, file e2047586-178d-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Influence of the microstructure of carbon nanotubes on the catalytic wet air oxidation of p-coumaric acid, file e2047586-20e3-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Novel polylactide-MWCNT-clay nanocomposites: preparation, structural characterization and analysis of physical properties, file e2047586-28b5-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Carbon nanotubes as adsorbent for low temperature heat adsorption pumps, file e2047586-2dc3-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes as adsorbent for low temperature heat adsorption pumps, file e2047586-2f00-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Investigation of porous silicon wetting by Raman scattering, file e2047586-3778-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Pulse height defect in pCVD and scCVD diamond based detectors, file e2047586-3898-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Homoepitaxial CVD diamond: Raman and time-resolved PL characterization, file e2047586-389d-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Analysis of trapping-detrapping defects in high quality single crystal diamond films grown by chemical vapor deposition, file e2047586-39b3-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
A single quality factor for the deposition process of reactively-sputtered thin a-C:H:N films, file e2047586-39dd-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Raman analysis of MWCNTs produced by catalytic CVD: derivation of a scaling law for the growth parameters, file e2047586-39df-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
A qualitative strain-indicator for preliminary diagnostics of a-C based coatings, file e2047586-39e0-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
A single growth quality indicator for film property tailoring, file e2047586-39e1-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Single crystal diamond detectors grown by chemical vapor deposition, file e2047586-3a13-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Raman characterisation and hardness properties of diamond-like carbon films grown by pulsed laser deposition technique, file e2047586-3c57-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Spectral response of large area CVD diamond photoconductors for space applications in vacuum UV, file e2047586-3c58-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
The generalized backscattering coefficient: a novel parameter in electron scattering processes, file e2047586-3d5a-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Semi-empirical derivation of the physical approximants to a-CN:H film deposition, file e2047586-3dfd-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Multi-wavelength Raman investigation of sputtered a-C film nanostructure, file e2047586-3e01-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Study of in-gap defects in intrinsic and B-doped a-Si1-xCx:H by photo-induced optical absorption and photoluminescence, file e2047586-3e02-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Room temperature hydrogen sensor based on Pt/TiO2/MWCNT composites, file e2047586-3e8d-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Simulation of electron-scattering properties of diamond membranes in X-ray mask fabrication, file e2047586-3ec7-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Synthesis and study of Co3O4 /graphene oxide and functionalized graphene oxide composites, file e2047586-400d-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Spectroscopic investigation of homoepitaxial CVD diamond for detection applications, file e2047586-4225-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
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