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Nome #
Permutation Disalignment Index as an Indirect, EEG-Based, Measure of Brain Connectivity in MCI and AD Patients, file e2047586-9379-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 146
Image Edge Detection: A New Approach Based on Fuzzy Entropy and Fuzzy Divergence, file e2047588-042a-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 140
A Convolutional Neural Network approach for classification of dementia stages based on 2D-spectral representation of EEG recordings, file e2047587-be62-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 101
A conditional Generative Adversarial Network and transfer learning-oriented anomaly classification system for electrospun nanofibers, file b2b6f9f6-6109-4367-b0c2-bf18e2609163 65
Neural Network Design using a Virtual Reality Platform, file e2047589-b089-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 49
Adaptive Image Contrast Enhancement by Computing Distances into a 4-Dimensional Fuzzy Unit Hypercube, file e2047586-f51f-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 43
Reconstructing the membrane detection of a 1D electrostatic-driven MEMS device by the shooting method: convergence analysis and ghost solutions identification, file e2047587-f55f-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 34
Findings about loreta applied to high-density EEG—a review, file e2047586-fc20-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 33
Joint use of eddy current imaging and fuzzy similarities to assess the integrity of steel plates, file e2047586-dd31-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 19
Accurate modelling of lossy SIW resonators using a neural network residual kriging approach, file e2047586-f75f-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 13
Remote Sensing Imagery for Soil Characterization: a Wavelet Neural Data Fusion Approach, file e2047586-4191-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 12
A fuzzy divergence approach for solving electrostatic identification problems for NDT applications, file e2047587-f55d-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 12
High-density EEG signal processing based on active-source reconstruction for brain network analysis in Alzheimer’s disease, file e2047586-8f9e-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 11
Heuristic advances in identifying aftershocks in seismic sequences, file e2047586-18e7-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 10
Micropumps for drug delivery systems: a new semi-linear elliptic boundary-value problem, file e2047588-4410-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 10
Permutation Entropy-Based Interpretability of Convolutional Neural Network Models for Interictal EEG Discrimination of Subjects with Epileptic Seizures vs. Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures, file b73841a1-67f3-4139-a5b4-68d9cd119f09 9
Radial Basis Function Neural Networks to Foresee Aftershocks in Seismic Sequences Related to Large Earthquakes, file e2047586-260d-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 9
TEC Measurements through GPS and Artificial Intelligence, file e2047586-4122-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 9
Deep Learning Representation from Electroencephalography of Early-Stage Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and Features for Differentiation from Rapidly Progressive Dementia, file e2047587-ca30-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 9
Compressibility of High-Density EEG Signals in Stroke Patients, file e2047587-cb58-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 9
MPnnet: A Motion Planning Decoding Convolutional Neural Network for EEG-based Brain Computer Interfaces, file 5b8e4bf6-c8ab-4ec4-9857-f139c9eb24e7 8
Curvature-Dependent Electrostatic Field as a Principle for Modelling Membrane-Based MEMS Devices. A Review, file e2047587-1bc2-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 8
Differentiating interictal and ictal states in childhood absence epilepsy through permutation Rényi entropy, file e2047587-bf1e-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 8
Testing graph robustness indexes for eeg analysis in alzheimer’s disease diagnosis, file e2047589-227d-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 8
Permutation Jaccard Distance-Based Hierarchical Clustering to Estimate EEG Network Density Modifications in MCI Subjects, file e2047587-087b-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 7
A longitudinal EEG study of Alzheimer's disease progression based on a complex network approach, file e2047587-bbbd-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 7
Usefulness of EEG-mapping of Renyi's entropy in patients with typical absences, file e2047586-0f6b-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 5
Flexible BiCGStab to solve the discretized EFIE in scattering computations, file e2047586-23d9-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 5
Membrane Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems for Industrial Applications, file e2047586-2706-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 5
A Machine-learning and Compressive-sensing Inspired Approach to the Optimal Array Pattern Synthesis, file e2047586-ddb2-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 5
Detection of Covid-19 Pneumonia from chest X-ray images: joint use of ECovNNet and fuzzy distance, file 1873bc16-42b8-4aff-b7b8-3a471f546c4a 4
Evaluation of Defects in Multilayer Carbon Fibre Epoxy for Aeronautics Applications, file e2047586-0c88-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 4
On the Use of Neuro-Fuzzy Techniques for Analyzing Experimental Surface Electromyographic Data, file e2047586-38ea-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 4
Remote Sensing Imagery for Soil Characterization: a Wavelet Neural Data Fusion Approach, file e2047586-4c07-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 4
Remote Sensing Imagery for Soil Characterization: a Wavelet Neural Data Fusion Approach, file e2047586-521e-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 4
Toward an Augmented and Explainable Machine Learning Approach for Classification of Defective Nanomaterial Patches, file 89813f00-d8a7-4017-b8bd-cef3d2304a7a 3
Remote Detection of Cerebral Pathologies in Magnetic Resonance Imagery: an Unsupervised Heuristic Approach., file e2047586-0ccf-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
A soft computing approach to reconstruct defects on metallic plates, file e2047586-0cf1-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Empirical mode decomposition vs. wavelet decomposition for the extraction of respiratory signal from single-channel ECG: A comparison, file e2047586-0dab-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Fuzzy time series approach for disruption prediction in Tokamak reactors, file e2047586-0ead-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Analysis of the Dynamics of Human Epileptic Seizures from Scalp EEG, file e2047586-1d13-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Fuzzy similarities for the optimization of the operational parameters related to ultrasonic phased array probes for industrial application, file e2047586-22c0-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Ultrasonic Pulse-Echoes and Eddy Current Testing for Detection, Recognition and Characterization of Flaws Detected in Metallic Plates, file e2047586-2653-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Rotating Electromagnetic Field for Crack Detection in Railway Tracks, file e2047586-2beb-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Advances in Signal Processing to Reduce Lift-off Noise in Eddy Current Tests, file e2047586-4213-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Reconstructing the membrane detection of a 1D electrostatic-driven MEMS device by the shooting method: convergence analysis and ghost solutions identification, file e2047586-f76b-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
A fuzzy divergence approach for solving electrostatic identification problems for NDT applications, file e2047586-f824-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Accurate Computation of Drude-Lorentz Model Coefficients of Single Negative Magnetic Metamaterials Using a Micro-Genetic Algorithm Approach, file e2047586-f8ae-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
A longitudinal EEG study of Alzheimer's disease progression based on a complex network approach, file e2047587-b913-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
A novel multi-modal machine learning based approach for automatic classification of EEG recordings in dementia, file e2047587-bbbf-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Real-Time Artifacts Reduction during TMS-EEG Co-Registration: A Comprehensive Review on Technologies and Procedures, file e2047587-c864-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
A Semi-Linear Elliptic Model for a Circular Membrane MEMS Device Considering the Effect of the Fringing Field, file e2047589-00da-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
The Next Generation of eHealth: A Multidisciplinary Survey, file 7f80a985-bdd5-42ef-82e3-4441ecbab1c6 2
AutoEncoder Filter Bank Common Spatial Patterns to decode Motor Imagery from EEG, file a77dcf6e-7a94-4025-b967-4a5603c37d77 2
Convolutional Neural Network Classification of Rest EEG Signals among People with Epilepsy, Psychogenic Non Epileptic Seizures and Control Subjects, file c31be964-14ad-416f-9c03-f41ac430dc06 2
Artificial Neural Networks and Multi-Class Support Vector Machines for Classifying Magnetic Measurements in Tokamak Reactors, file e2047586-0af7-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
On the Use of Ferraris Effect and Artificial Intelligence for Characterizing Voids in Aeronautical Weldings, file e2047586-0bd8-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Fuzzy Computation for Classifying Defects in Metallic Plates, file e2047586-0d39-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Epileptic Seizures Prediction in Patients with Partial or Generalized Seizures, file e2047586-17e1-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Automatic Recognition of Road Signs by Hough Transform, file e2047586-17e5-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Fuzzy geometrical approach based on hyper-cubes for image contrast enhancement, file e2047586-2367-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Image Contrast Ehnancement by Distances Among Points in Fuzzy Hyper-Cubes, file e2047586-2754-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Disruption Anticipation in Tokamak Reactors: a Two-Factors Fuzzy Time Series Approach, file e2047586-2b2c-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
MECHANICAL ASPECTS IN THE CELLS DETACHMENT, file e2047586-2fde-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Revealing bioelectric muscle activity corrupted by superimposed magnetic resonance field, file e2047586-39b6-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Inverse Problem Solution to Evaluate the Bioelectric Field of Fetal Heart Muscle: Remarks on Electrodes Placement, file e2047586-3d9c-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Computation of Nonlinear Eigenvalues Related to Parameters of Microwave Structures by using Group Theory, file e2047586-f742-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Electrostatic Circular Membrane MEMS: An Approach to the Optimal Control, file e2047588-79eb-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
MEMS with fringing field: curvature-dependent electrostatic field and numerical techniques for recovering the membrane profile, file e2047588-9b8b-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
A Deep Cognitive Venetian Blinds System for Automatic Estimation of Slat Orientation, file 2b128994-443b-4dc7-85a0-031ebbc27bde 1
Numerical Approaches for Recovering the Deformable Membrane Profile of Electrostatic Microdevices for Biomedical Applications, file 2fe67c35-e668-43d2-adfc-6ce355e7668c 1
A Hybrid-Domain Deep Learning-Based BCI for Discriminating Hand Motion Planning from EEG Sources, file 3b192498-c77c-4370-8f5f-fd9c6d9b6cc2 1
A machine learning approach involving functional connectivity features to classify rest-eeg psychogenic non-epileptic seizures from healthy controls, file 9fbbff36-bf40-4c8b-8eee-44ef00ab9a86 1
An explainable Artificial Intelligence approach to study MCI to AD conversion via HD-EEG processing, file b6fe983d-babb-403d-961a-4d2838275a36 1
A New dispersion entropy and fuzzy logic system methodology for automated classification of dementia stages using electroencephalograms, file c4c13038-6f5b-4338-8d18-73ffa314eee9 1
A new approach to evaluate defects in metallic plates based on computing with words and fuzzy entropy, file e2047586-0b6a-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
PCA-ICA for automatic identification of critical events in continuous coma-EEG monitoring, file e2047586-0c14-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Computational Intelligence Aspects for Defect Classification in Aeronautic Composites by Using Ultrasonic Pulse, file e2047586-0c6c-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
The AMDE project: 3D volumetric anomalies reconstruction by eddy current testing, file e2047586-0c6d-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
A Novel Approach for Detecting and Classifying Defects in Metallic Plates, file e2047586-0cb1-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Fuzzy-Neural Approaches to the Prediction of Disruption in Asdex Upgrade, file e2047586-0cb2-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Automatic Artifact Rejection from Multichannel Scalp EEG by Wavelet ICA, file e2047586-0cc0-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Eddy Current Modelling in Composite Materials, file e2047586-0d16-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Multivariate Multi-Scale Permutation Entropy for Complexity Analysis of Alzheimer’s Disease EEG, file e2047586-0d28-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Dynamical Reconstruction of Road longitudinal Profiles: a theoretical and experimental study, file e2047586-0d9b-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
On the use of eddy current techniques & soft computing approach to classify defects on metallic plates, file e2047586-0e06-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Singular Value Decomposition Processing of Magneto-Optic Images for Flawed Rivet Identification in Agin Aircrafts, file e2047586-1104-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Fuzzy Characterization of Flawed Metallic Plates with Eddy Current Tests, file e2047586-1200-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Rotating Electromagnetic Field For NDT Inspections, file e2047586-179c-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Fuzzy Geometrical Techniques for Characterizing Defects in Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Evaluation, file e2047586-1978-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Standard Soft Computing Techniques for Characterization of Defects in Nondestructive Evaluation, file e2047586-1e2d-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Evaluation of the performance of Novel Eddy Current Testing Probes, file e2047586-2023-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Modelling and validating ferrite-core probes for GMR-Eddy current testing in metallic plates, file e2047586-2081-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Longitudinal Study of Alzheimer's Disease Degeneration through EEG Data Analysis with a NeuCube Spiking Neural Network Model, file e2047586-2209-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
The Use of Fuzzy Curves for the Reconstruction of the Plasma Shape and the Selection of the Magnetic Sensors, file e2047586-2441-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Evaluating Soft Computing Techniques for Path Loss Estimation in Urban Environments, file e2047586-260f-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Learning Vector Quantization and Permutation Entropy to Analyse Epileptic Electroencephalography, file e2047586-2702-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Implementazione Hardware di un Sistema di Riconoscimento di Difetti in CFRP, file e2047586-2a6f-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Support Vector Machines for Modelling Design Parameters in Circular and Triangular Microstrip Patch Antennas, file e2047586-2c50-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
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