Malara, Giovanni
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Des Moines 2
Fleming Island 2
Ann Arbor 1
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Helsinki 1
Lamezia Terme 1
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Analysis of Shoreline Change by Wind Generated Waves, file e2047586-670a-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 6
Analytical Development of a One-Line Model for the Analysis of Shoreline Change by Wind Generated Waves, file e2047586-a970-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 6
Resonant Wave Energy Converters: Concept development, file e2047586-4223-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 5
Nonlinear wave crest distribution on a vertical breakwater, file e2047586-65c0-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 5
Estimation of Downtime and of Missed Energy Associated with a Wave Energy Converter by the Equivalent Power Storm Model, file e2047586-0c3e-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 4
Installing U-OWC devices along Italian coasts, file e2047586-406a-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
A small scale field experiment on a U-OWC (REWEC3), file e2047586-4b9a-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Wave climate analysis for the design of wave energy harvesters in the Mediterranean Sea, file e2047586-4bce-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Response of U-Oscillating Water Column arrays: semi-analytical approach and numerical results, file e2047586-60ab-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Hardware-in-the-loop simulation of wave energy converters based on dielectric elastomer generators, file e2047588-852f-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 3
Field experiment on a scaled prototype of a floating multi-purpose offshore platform: Dynamic response determination with uncertainty quantification, file 56cdfb0b-9571-4494-b2b1-188f5958547a 2
The Blue Growth Farm Project: Field Testing And Demonstration Of A Novel Multi-Purpose Platform, file b11b59e7-f53c-4dbb-8173-381e9c595ceb 2
On long-term statistics of high waves via the equivalent power storm model, file e2047586-0f94-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Long-term statistics of nonlinear wave crests via the equivalent power storm model, file e2047586-28a6-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
The First Full Operative U-OWC Plants in the Port of Civitavecchia, file e2047586-3890-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
On the modelling of water column oscillations in U-OWC energy harvesters, file e2047586-4ac5-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Efficient processing of water wave records via compressive sensing and joint time-frequency analysis via harmonic wavelets, file e2047586-65be-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
An approach for non-linear stochastic analysis of U-shaped OWC wave energy converters, file e2047586-81d1-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Long-Term Modelling of Wave Run-Up and Overtopping during Sea Storms, file e2047586-a9ab-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Structural Optimisation and Behaviour of the Breakwater Integrated Oscillating Water Column Device. A combined 3D CFD and Structural FEM Analysis., file e2047588-a17c-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 2
Resonant Wave Energy Converters: Small-scale field experiments and first full-scale prototype, file e2047586-0b2e-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
A U-OWC wave energy converter in the Mediterranean sea: Preliminary results on the monitoring system of the first prototype, file e2047586-234b-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
A new U-OWC device to produce electrical power from ocean waves: some applications to Italian coasts., file e2047586-23d2-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
On Design and Building of a U-OWC Wave Energy Converter in the Mediterranean Sea: A Case Study, file e2047586-26ad-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
A Small scale field experiment to analyse a U-OWC wave energy converter in real seas, file e2047586-3f91-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Field experiment on a U-OWC wave energy converter in confused sea waves, file e2047586-4013-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Maximum roll angle estimation of a ship in confused sea waves via a quasi-deterministic approach, file e2047586-67a3-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Analytical modelling of an U - Oscillating Water Column and performance in random waves, file e2047586-7f48-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Extrapolation of random wave field data via compressive sampling, file e2047586-84ca-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Compressive Sensing–Based Reconstruction of Sea Free-Surface Elevation on a Vertical Wall, file e2047586-8984-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Space-time long-term statistics of ocean storms, file e2047586-a83a-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Peak over threshold vis-à-vis equivalent triangular storm: Return value sensitivity to storm threshold, file e2047586-a895-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Set-up due to random waves: influence of the directional spectrum, file e2047586-a99b-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Efficient determination of nonlinear response of an array of Oscillating Water Column energy harvesters exposed to random sea waves, file e2047587-2549-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Coupling watershed - coast systems to study evolutionary trends: A review, file e2047588-4698-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
Nonlinear stochastic vibration of a variable cross-section rod with a fractional derivative element, file e2047588-e391-7e24-e053-6605fe0afb29 1
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