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Accessibility and Internal areas - Rural towns of Calabria and the local road network 1-gen-2022 Cirianni, Francis M. M.; Giunta, Marinella Silvana; Leonardi, Giovanni; Palamara, Rocco
Accessible Culture: Guidelines to a Cultural Accessibility Strategic Plan (C.A.S.P.) for MArRC Museum 1-gen-2022 Cassalia, G.; Ventura, C.; Bagnato, F.; Calabrò, F.; Malacrino, C.
Artificial Intelligence and Economics: the Key to the Future 1-gen-2022 Marino, Domenico; Monaca, Melchiorre Alberto
A Bio Ecological Prototype Green Building Toward Solution of Energy Crisis 1-gen-2022 Massimo, Domenico Enrico; Del Giudice, Vincenzo; Musolino, Mariangela; De Paola, Pierfrancesco; Paolo Del Giudice, Francesco
Cities and Territories Theatres of the Recovery of the Country System 1-gen-2022 Fallanca, Concetta
Comparison of Machine Learning Models for Predictive Maintenance Applications 1-gen-2023 Lazzaro, A; D'Addona, Dm; Merenda, M
Cultural Heritage Recovery Interventions Through Steel Endoskeletons: A Case Study 1-gen-2022 Fotia, A.; Caccamo, F.; Buda, R.
The Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe and the Journey of Ulysses: Shared Values and Good Practices 1-gen-2022 Alberotanza, R.; Calabrò, F.; Monaca, M.; Tramontana, C.
Drainage layer in green roofs: Proposal for the use of agricultural plastic waste 1-gen-2022 Cascone, S
Economic Feasibility of a Project for the Reuse of the Old Hospital of Nicotera as a Center for Eating Disorders and for the Enhancement of the Mediterranean Diet 1-gen-2022 Santucci, L.; Cassalia, G.; Calabro', F.
Economic Feasibility of an Integrated Program for the Enhancement of the Byzantine Heritage in the Aspromonte National Park. The Case of Staiti 1-gen-2022 Spatari, G.; Lore, I.; Viglianisi, A.; Calabro', F.
Energy Requalification of a Neighbourhood of Reggio Calabria with a View to an Energy District 1-gen-2022 Marino, C.; Nucara, A.; Panzera, M. F.; Pietrafesa, M.; Votano, A.
Evaluation of the Structural Health Conditions of Smart Roads Using Different Feature-Based Methods 1-gen-2022 Fedele, R.; Pratico, F. G.; Cogliandro, G.; Lagana, F.
An Experimental Approach for the City of Health 1-gen-2022 Taccone, Antonio
The Financial Sustainability a Cultural Heritage Adaptive Reuse Project in Public-Private Partnership 1-gen-2022 Della Spina, L.; Carbonara, S.; Stefano, D.
Framework of Sustainable Strategies for Monitoring Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Secondary Road Network to Guarantee a Safe and Efficient Accessibility 1-gen-2022 Giunta, M.; Leonardi, G.
From Condominium to Energy Community: Energy and Economic Advantages with Application to a Case Study 1-gen-2022 Marino, C.; Nucara, A. F.; Panzera, M. F.; Pietrafesa, M.; Suraci, F.
Green Building to Overcome Climate Change: The Support of Energy Simulation Programs in Gis Environment 1-gen-2022 Massimo, Domenico Enrico; Del Giudice, Vincenzo; Musolino, Mariangela; De Paola, Pierfrancesco; Paolo Del Giudice, Francesco
Green Transition Towards Sustainability. Design, Architecture, Production 1-gen-2022 DE CAPUA, Alberto; Errante, Lidia
Healthy Cities with Healthy Streets, Towards a New Normal of Urban Health and Well-Being 1-gen-2022 Taccone, Antonio; Sinicropi, Antonino
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 41
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