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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
DHCP-based Authentication for Mobile Users/Terminals in a Wireless Access Network 1-gen-2004 Veltri, L; Molinaro, Antonella; Marullo, O
Discrete Time Bulk Service Queue for Analyzing LTE Packet Scheduling for V2X Communications. In: Galinina O., Andreev S., Balandin S., Koucheryavy Y. (eds) Internet of Things, Smart Spaces, and Next Generation Networks and Systems. NEW2AN 2017, ruSMART 2017, NsCC 2017. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10531. Springer, Cham. 1-gen-2017 Beschastnyi, V; Naumov, V; Scopelliti, P; Gudkova, I; Campolo, C; Araniti, Giuseppe; Dzantiev, I; Samouylov, K
A Distributed Agent-based Approach for Supporting Group Formation in P2P e-Learning 1-gen-2013 Messina, F; Pappalardo, G; Rosaci, D; Santoro, C; Sarne', G
Evaluation Aspects in the Strategic Planning of a Reticular DMO for the Promotion of Inner Areas of Calabria 1-gen-2023 Calabro', Francesco; Lorè, Immacolata
An Exhaustive Employment of Neural Networks to Search the Better Configuration of Magnetic Signals in ITER Machine 1-gen-2006 Greco, A; Morabito, Francesco Carlo; Cacciola, M; Versaci, Mario
Free web mapping tools to characterise landscape dynamics and to favour e-participation 1-gen-2013 Pollino, M; Modica, Giuseppe
Geomatics in Analyzing the Evolution of Agricultural Terraced Landscapes 1-gen-2014 Praticò, S; Pollino, M; DI FAZIO, Salvatore; Modica, Giuseppe
GIS and Remote Sensing to Study Urban-Rural Transformation During a Fifty-Year Period 1-gen-2011 Fichera, C. R.; Modica, Giuseppe; Pollino, M
HySoN: A Distributed Agent-Based Protocol for Group Formation in Online Social Networks 1-gen-2013 Messina, F; Pappalardo, G; Rosaci, D; Santoro, C.; Sarne', G
Integrated Evaluation and Multi-methodological Approaches for the Enhancement of the Cultural Landscape 1-gen-2017 DELLA SPINA, Lucia
Integrating Traditional Stores and e-Commerce into a Multi-tiered Recommender System Architecture Supported by IoT 1-gen-2017 Fortino, G; Guerrieri, A; Rosaci, D; Sarne', G
Intra-network Analysis Based on Comparison Between Graph Theory Approach and Pathwalker 1-gen-2023 Lumia, Giovanni; Cushman, Samuel; Pratico, Salvatore; Modica, Giuseppe
Intracranial Pressure Signal Processing by Adaptative Fuzzy Network 1-gen-2003 B., Azzerboni; M., Carpentieri; M., Ipsale; Morabito, Francesco Carlo; LA FORESTA, Fabio
Local Communities and Management of Cultural Heritage of the Inner Areas. An Application of Break-Even Analysis 1-gen-2017 Calabro', Francesco
MARS: An Agent-based Recommender System for the Semantic Web 1-gen-2007 Garruzzo, S; Rosaci, D; Sarne', G
Methodologies for Sustainable Development of TEN-T/RFC Corridors and Core Ports: Estimation of Time-Series Economic Impact 1-gen-2023 Musolino, Giuseppe; Cartisano, Antonio; Fortugno, Giuseppe
Methodologies for Sustainable Development of TEN-T/RFC Corridors and Core Ports: Workers Mobility between Urban and Port-Related Areas 1-gen-2023 Rindone, C.; Panuccio, P.; Sgro, D.
MMS and GIS for Self-driving Car and Road Management 1-gen-2017 Barrile, Vincenzo; Meduri, Gm; Critelli, M; Bilotta, G
A Multicriteria Assessment Model for Selecting Strategic Projects in Urban Areas 1-gen-2016 DELLA SPINA, Lucia; Ventura, C; Viglianisi, A
Neural network approach for estimation and prediction of time to disruption in Tokamak reactors 1-gen-2003 Greco, A; Morabito, Fc; Versaci, Mario
Mostrati risultati da 6 a 25 di 42
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