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Continente #
NA - Nord America 1855
EU - Europa 529
AS - Asia 141
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 12
SA - Sud America 8
OC - Oceania 7
AF - Africa 4
Totale 2556
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 1835
IT - Italia 308
SE - Svezia 56
DE - Germania 52
IR - Iran 44
BE - Belgio 26
KR - Corea 24
CN - Cina 23
GB - Regno Unito 23
CA - Canada 20
TR - Turchia 13
VN - Vietnam 13
IN - India 12
EU - Europa 11
AU - Australia 7
RO - Romania 7
BR - Brasile 6
EE - Estonia 6
FI - Finlandia 6
FR - Francia 6
PL - Polonia 6
DK - Danimarca 5
NL - Olanda 5
AT - Austria 4
BN - Brunei Darussalam 3
UA - Ucraina 3
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 2
CH - Svizzera 2
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 2
EG - Egitto 2
GR - Grecia 2
HU - Ungheria 2
MN - Mongolia 2
PT - Portogallo 2
RU - Federazione Russa 2
A2 - ???statistics.table.value.countryCode.A2??? 1
AM - Armenia 1
BG - Bulgaria 1
CL - Cile 1
CO - Colombia 1
ES - Italia 1
HK - Hong Kong 1
HR - Croazia 1
ID - Indonesia 1
IE - Irlanda 1
KE - Kenya 1
SG - Singapore 1
TN - Tunisia 1
TW - Taiwan 1
Totale 2556
Città #
Chandler 712
San Mateo 244
Lawrence 174
Princeton 174
Wilmington 144
Reggio Calabria 81
Des Moines 76
Ann Arbor 58
Pittsburgh 43
Brussels 26
Milazzo 26
Norwalk 25
San Francisco 19
Zanjan 19
Falls Church 18
Catania 15
Leawood 14
Toronto 14
Dong Ket 13
Sacramento 13
Andover 12
Southend 10
Sesto Fiorentino 9
Boardman 8
Henderson 8
Chicago 7
Cosenza 7
Dalian 7
Cedar Knolls 6
Helsinki 6
Redmond 6
Tallinn 6
Copenhagen 5
Hanover 5
Kocaeli 5
Redwood City 5
Warsaw 5
Amsterdam 4
Caltanissetta 4
Izmir 4
Kashan 4
Rome 4
São Paulo 4
Vienna 4
Winnipeg 4
Ashburn 3
Bandar Seri Begawan 3
Bangalore 3
Beijing 3
Frankfurt am Main 3
Freiburg 3
Lamezia Terme 3
Melbourne 3
Nanjing 3
Nanning 3
Phoenix 3
Santa Teresa Di Riva 3
Athens 2
Augusta 2
Budapest 2
Canberra 2
Florence 2
Foggia 2
Lincoln 2
Messina 2
Mountain View 2
Nasr 2
Palermo 2
Paterno 2
Prague 2
Randazzo 2
Rozzano 2
Saint Petersburg 2
Sant'angelo Muxaro 2
Shanghai 2
Sillavengo 2
Vancouver 2
Villeneuve-d'Ascq 2
Ancaster 1
Açores 1
Bari 1
Bisceglie 1
Bogotá 1
Braunschweig 1
Cambridge 1
Casalvecchio Siculo 1
Central 1
Charlotte 1
Clearwater 1
Deland 1
Delft 1
Dubai 1
Dublin 1
Forest Hill 1
Fribourg 1
Horia 1
Houston 1
Iasi 1
Kyiv 1
Lacul 1
Totale 2157
Nome #
Energy performance of an electrochromic switchable glazing: Experimental and computational assessments 50
Electric Load Influence on Performances of a Composite Plant for Hydrogen Production from RES and its Conversion in Electricity. 47
Sustainable Mobility: Environmental and Economic Analysis of a Cable Railway, Powered by Photovoltaic System 45
Does window-to-wall ratio have a significant effect on the energy consumption of buildings? A parametric analysis in Italian climate conditions 41
A Case-Study Plant for a Sustainable Redevelopment of Buildings Based on Storage and Reconversion of Hydrogen Generated by Using Solar Energy 39
The assessment of road traffic air pollution by means of an average emission parameter 37
Energetic and economic analysis of a stand alone PV system with hydrogen storage 35
Analysis of the Reduction of Pollutant Emissions by the Vehicle Fleet of the City of Reggio Calabria Due to the Introduction of Ecological Vehicles 35
Thermal comfort in indoor environment: Effect of the solar radiation on the radiant temperature asymmetry 30
Mapping of the indoor comfort conditions considering the effect of solar radiation 30
An algorithm for the assessment of subjective adaptive thermal comfort conditions based on multi-agent systems. 29
Analysis of acoustics performances of façade components of buildings with reference to the external acoustic climate 28
Towards the nearly zero and the plus energy building: primary energy balances and economic evaluations 28
A generalized model of human body radiative heat exchanges for optimal design of indoor thermal comfort conditions 28
The effect of the short wave radiation and its reflected components on the Mean Radiant Temperature: modelling and preliminary experimental results 28
Energetic and Economic Analysis of Shading Effects on PV Panels Energy Production 28
Assessment of the mean radiant temperature in urban areas: comparison of alternative methods 27
Proposal of comfort classification indexes suitable for both single environments and whole buildings 27
Teoria e tecnica dei digestori anaerobici per la produzione di biogas 26
Economic, energetic and environmental analysis of the waste management system of Reggio Calabria 25
Electrolytic hydrogen production from renewable source, storage and reconversion in fuel cells: the system of the Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria. 25
Criteri e metodologie d’indagine fonometrica 24
An MAS based subjective model for indoor adaptive thermal comfort. 24
Il benessere termoigrometrico e il voto medio previsto 22
Economical comparison among technical solutions for thermal energy production in buildings based on both conventional and solar res systems 22
Impact of increased efficiency on cost of WP 21
Evaluation of the direct and diffused component of solar radiation starting from global radiation measurements: Preliminary analysis 21
Multi-Agent Systems as Eeffective Tools for the Uuser-Based Thermal Comfort: an Introduction. 20
Vetrate innovative per il risparmio energetico. 20
A comparison between energetic and thermal comfort evaluations in buildings carried out using stationary and transient methods 20
Application to the cities of Reggio Calabria and Villa San Giovanni of an analysis method aimed at characterizing building elements with reference to outdoor noise in different acoustic zones 20
Caratterizzazione preliminare di modelli previsionali del rumore per strade con tipologia ad "U" della città di Reggio Calabria 20
Effect of the thermal storage dimensions on the performances of solar photovoltaic-thermal systems 20
Experimental measurements of the thermal conductivity of insulant elements made of natural materials: preliminary results 19
The Effect of the Climatic Condition on the Radiant Asymmetry 19
Suitability of Some Existing Damage Indexes for Assessing Agreements in Maintenance and Management of Museum Climatization Systems 19
Multi-Agent Systems as Effective Tools for the User-Based Thermal Comfort: an Introduction 18
An energy self-sufficient public building using integrated renewable sources and hydrogen storage 18
Sperimentazione di procedure per la valutazione delle prestazioni energetiche dell’edificio: confronto fra modelli dettagliati e semplificati 18
Hydrogen production from RES, storage and reconversion in fuel cells. 18
Solar energy entering glazed surfaces: computation of the abatement due to the building envelope 18
Analisi delle prestazioni energetiche del parco edilizio urbano della città di Reggio Calabria ed azioni di intervento per la sua riqualificazione 18
Angle Factors and Projected Area Factors for Comfort Analysis of Subjects in Complex Confined Enclosures: Analytical Relations and Experimental Results 17
People comfort and artwork saving in museums: comparing indoor requisites 17
An Anthropometric Analysis of Seated and Standing People 17
Energetic and economic assessment of technical solutions aimed at improving both energy and comfort performances of buildings in Mediterranean climates 17
A comparison between energy assessments in buildings carried out by means of both steady and transient states simulation methods 17
Annotations on the applicability to residential buildings of the ECC ventilation rates for acceptable IAQ 17
Le misure antropometriche per il benessere termoigrometrico: aspetti statistici e metodologie di rilievo sperimentale 17
Economical comparison between a stand-alone configuration of a PV system with energy storage and a grid-connected one. 17
Economic comparison between a stand-alone and a grid connected PV system vs. Grid distance 17
Reduced weather data for building climatisation and application to 29 European locations 16
Un confronto tra modelli analitici e reti neurali artificiali per la valutazione dei livelli di rumore da traffico veicolare 16
Modelli di calcolo per la certificazione energetica a confronto, con particolare riferimento al regime estivo. 16
Human body view factors for composite plane surfaces 16
Metodi di calcolo dei consumi energetici dell’edificio ai fini della certificazione energetica: un confronto tra modelli in regime stazionario e transitorio 16
Definizione di un modello di comfort soggettivo adattativo basato sull’utilizzo di agenti intelligenti 16
Automatic determination of solar access and shading of buildings in complex situations. Graphic and analytic approaches 16
Application to the Town of Villa San Giovanni (Southern Italy) of an Analysis Method Aimed at Evaluating Indoor Acustic Conditions with Reference to Building Elements and outdoor Noise 16
Allestimento di un laboratorio per analisi microclimatiche: validazioni sperimentali e primi risultati 16
Elementi di illuminotecnica 16
Air pollution estimation from data referring to the running car fleet 16
Analisi dimensionale del particolato di fumo di tabacco mediante spettrometria a correlazione di fotoni 16
Human body view factors computation: an annotated comparison between two algorithms 16
Town-scale mapping of energy and environmental features: a simple procedure for acoustic issues 16
Application of a graphic method for the determination of the maximum olf load in a building 16
PVT Systems: Effect Of Both Storage Features And Load Configuration 16
Application to the town of Villa San Giovanni (southern Italy) of an analysis method aimed at evaluating indoor acoustic conditions with reference to building elements and outdoor noise 16
Un modello dinamico per la simulazione del comportamento termoigrometrico degli edifici su foglio elettronico Excel 16
Experimental measurements and theoretical predictions of the thermal conductivity of two phases glass beads 15
Rumore in ambiente urbano prodotto da installazioni aeroportuali: rilievi sperimentali relativi all' Aeroporto Dello Stretto di Reggio Calabria 15
On the construction method of thermal probes for the measurement of thermal properties of insulating materials 15
Integrated analysis of the performances of façades for indoor comfort purposes 15
I parametri ambientali ed energetici nei modelli di emissione globale dei sistemi di trasporto 15
The housing quality level in the urban contexts: the link between outdoor and indoor environments 15
Relationships between pollutant emission from vehicles and levels of concentration: a phenomenological approach 15
An energetic-environmental building simulation model in transient state aimed at comfort evaluations 15
Atmospheric and acoustics challenges in the policies for the urban management: an integrated point of view 15
Classificazione acustica dell’area urbana di Reggio Calabria secondo il DPCM 1/3/1991 15
Application to the town of Reggio Calabria of an analysis method aimed at characterizing building elements with reference to outdoor noise in different acoustic zones 15
Advanced energy saving laws in the building sector: the italian case 15
Uno strumento di valutazione delle condizioni acustiche all’interno degli ambienti confinati in relazione all’involucro edilizio ed al clima acustico esterno 15
Indirect evaluation of indoor environmental parameters by means of audit techniques 15
Sistemi di trasporto ed inquinamento atmosferico: linee-guida per un modello di analisi delle emissioni 15
Benessere termoigrometrico 14
Energy consumption and indoor air quality in residenzial buildings 14
Effetto sulle emissioni inquinanti dell’adozione del piano regolatore portuale della città di Messina 14
Suitability of Some Existing Damage Indexes for Regulating Contracts Between Curators of Museums and HVAC Maintenance and Management Companies 14
Effetti di riduzione dei consumi e delle emissioni inquinanti prodotti da diverse politiche di intervento sul sistema dei trasporti della città di Reggio Calabria 14
Un modello computerizzato per la definizione puntuale delle condizioni di comfort termoigrometrico in ambienti complessi 14
Computing view factors between human body and non parallelepiped enclosure 14
Atmosphere pollutants detection by means of static light scattering 14
Studio della qualità dell’aria in ambienti chiusi: le tecniche spettroscopiche 14
Outdoor mean radiant temperature estimation: is the black-globe thermometer method a feasible course of action? 14
Energy and environmental issues as choosing elements for selecting options in the transportation sector aimed at reducing CO2 emissions: an application to the italian case 14
Proposta di indice di classificazione del comfort indoor. 14
Assessment and computerized mapping of urban acoustic features 14
Distribuzione della domanda di trasporto in Italia per ambito territoriale, per modalità di trasporto e per fonte energetica 14
Energy and environmental audit of buildings: an indirect evaluation 14
Energetic and economic comparison between systems for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources (hydroelectric, wind generator, photovoltaic) 14
Totale 1997
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