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Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 10
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Nome #
Antioxidant activity of olive oil mill wastewater obtained from different thermal treatments 63
Impact of Olive leaf yellowing associated virus on olive (Olea europaea L.) oil 47
Shelf-life of almond pastry cookies with different types of packaging and levels of temperature 45
Use of biodegradable materials as alternative packaging of typical Calabrian Provola cheese 40
Characterization of monovarietal olive oils obtained from mills of Calabria region (Southern Italy) 39
Data on some qualitative parameters of Carolea olive oils obtained in different areas of Calabria (Southern Italy) 38
Influenza della temperatura di conservazione sulle proprietà funzionali del succo d’arancia pigmentata (Citrus sinensis, cv. Tarocco) 37
Effect of the Harvesting Time on the Quality of Olive Oils Produced in Calabria. 35
Effect of olive storage temperature on the quality of Carolea and Ottobratica oils 34
Shelf life extension to reduce food losses: The case of Mozzarella Cheese 33
The effects of harvesting on phenolic compounds and fatty acids content in virgin olive oil (cv Roggianella) 33
Evaluation of enrichment with antioxidants from olive oil mill wastes in hydrophilic model system 33
Selected yeasts to enhance phenolic content and quality in red wine from low pigmented grapes 32
Pre-selection on skim milk of dairy lactic acid bacteria to improve antioxidant activity and shelf life of cheeses 32
Antioxidant quantification in different portions obtained during olive oil extraction process in an olive oil press mill 30
Valutazione delle proprietà funzionali del succo d’arancia pigmentata (Citrus sinensis cv. Tarocco) durante la conservazione. 29
Physico-chemical and microbiological quality of ready-to-eat rocket (Eruca vesicaria (L.) Cav.) treated with organic acids during storage in dark and light conditions 28
Antioxidant activity of dried green olives (Carolea cv.) 27
Antimicrobial effect of some essential oils 27
Innovative analytical protocol to pre-select lactic acid bacteria able to control table olive production. 26
Effetto di materiali di confezionamento biodegradabili sulle proprietà fisico-chimiche di Provole Calabresi 26
Effects of phenolic enrichment on vitamin C and antioxidant activity of commercial orange juice 26
Sensing Properties of Indium, Tin and Zinc Oxides for Hexanal Detection 25
Quality evaluation of different typical table olive preparations (cv Nocellara del Belice) 25
Influence of Light Exposure during Cold Storage of Minimally Processed Vegetables (Valeriana sp.) 25
Qualitative evaluation of fermented olives grown in Southern Italy (cvs. Carolea, Grossa of Gerace and Nocellara Messinese) 25
Antioxidant activity shown by olive pomace extracts 25
Pre-selection on skim milk of dairy lactic acid bacteria to improve antioxidant activity and shelf life of cheeses (intervento orale) 24
Integrated Study of Qualitative Olive and Oil Production from Three Important Varieties Grown in Calabria (Southern Italy) 24
Study of the inheritability of the yeast trait “interaction with natural antioxidant activity of red wine” in four generations of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and its enhancing by spore clone selection and hybridization 24
Effect of drying process on almond (Prunus dulcis (Mill.) D.A. Webb) Kernel composition 23
Effect of drying temperature on polyphenolic content and antioxidant activity of apricots 22
Effect of the "Ottobratica" variety ripening stage on the phenolic profile of the obtained olive oil 21
Caratterizzazione e valutazione della capacità antiossidante della frazione fenolica delle acque di vegetazione prodotte dalla lavorazione delle olive. Valorizzazione delle acque reflue e dei sottoprodotti dell'industria olearia e agrumaria 21
Acidic and saline stresses modify microflora composition of table olives produced by spontaneous fermentation. 21
Caratterizzazione dei vini passiti calabresi 21
Characterization of four typical calabrian cured meat products: Spicy sausage, soppressata, 'nduja and capocollo 21
Effects of post-fermentation processing on the stabilisation of naturally fermented green table olives (cv Nocellara etnea) 20
Effect of Some Essential Oils as Natural Food Preservatives on Commercial Grated Carrots 20
Apricot Melanoidins Prevent Oxidative Endothelial Cell Death by Counteracting Mitochondrial Oxidation and Membrane Depolarization 20
Check of four generations of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for adsorption activity during winemaking 20
Effetti della stabilizzazione termica su olive verdi da tavola fermentate al naturale 20
Effect of the harvest time on kernel quality of several almond varieties (Prunus dulcis (Mill.) D.A. Webb) 20
Efficacy of Pectin-Based Coating Added with a Lemon Byproduct Extract on Quality Preservation of Fresh-Cut Carrots 20
Increase in antioxidant activity of brined olives (Carolea cv.) thermally treated in different packaging types 19
Caratterizzazione e valutazione della capacità antiossidante della frazione fenolica delle acque di vegetazione prodotte dalla lavorazione delle olive 19
Quality of shredded carrots minimally processed by different dipping solutions 19
Preliminary study by molecular methods on yeast population of differently fermented green table olives of the cultivar Nocellara messinese 18
New approach to extend shelf life of Mozzarella cheese using antimicrobial microbes 17
Brining of different naturally black olives 17
Effect of drying, chemical and natural processing methods on black Biancolilla olives 17
Metabolites response to onion yellow dwarf virus (OYDV) infection in ‘Rossa di Tropea’ onion during storage: a 1H HR-MAS NMR study 17
Green-sustainable extraction techniques for the recovery of antioxidant compounds from "citrus Limon" by-products 17
Caratterizzazione di preparazioni tipiche calabresi a base di melanzane 16
New approach to extend shelf life of Mozzarella cheese using antimicrobial microbes 16
A phenol-enriched sunflower oil by olive mill waste water: monitoring of its stability 16
Caratterizzazione dei vini passiti calabresi “prime osservazioni” 16
Effects of phenolic enrichment on antioxidant activity of mayonnaise 16
Capacità antiossidante dei reflui oleari 15
Fermentation of must from black grapes: wine starter role in natural antioxidant power evolution 15
Impact of Stability of Enriched Oil with Phenolic Extract from Olive MillWastewaters 15
Effect of Agronomical and Technological Treatments to Obtain Selenium-Fortified Table Olives 15
Antioxidant Properties of Olive MillWastewater Polyphenolic Extracts on Human Endothelial and Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells 15
Cultivar and accessions of fig (Ficus carica L.) for breba production selected within the autochthonous germplasm of Calabria (South Italy) 15
Effetto delle modalità di conservazione sulle caratteristiche di provole 14
Table olive processing in South Italy. The safety problem: from tradition to innovation 14
Functionalization of a Vegan Mayonnaise with High Value Ingredient Derived from the Agro-Industrial Sector 14
Characterization of typical Calabrian eggplant preparations 14
Qualitative variations on Calabrian Provola cheeses stored under different packaging conditions 13
Effetto dell’epoca di raccolta sulle caratteristiche qualitative degli oli prodotti in Calabria 13
Shelf life extension of mozzarella cheese packed in preserving liquid with calcium lactate and bergamot juice concentrate 13
Valorization of ‘Rossa di Tropea’ Onion Waste through Green Recovery Techniques of Antioxidant Compounds 13
Light and storage time influence the microbial quality of minimally processed rocket 12
Effect of onion yellow dwarf virus infection on organoleptic properties and ascorbic acid content in ‘Rossa di Tropea’ onion 12
Effect of different dipping solutions on the ready-to-eat carrots quality 12
Functionalized Biscuits with Bioactive Ingredients Obtained by Citrus Lemon Pomace 12
New procedure to pre-select lactic acid bacteria able to control table-olive fermentation 12
Packaging and Storage of Olive Oil 11
Principal qualitative parameters in brined olives from Calabria region (Carolea and Grossa of Gerace cv.) 11
Characterization of Olive Oils Obtained from Minor Accessions in Calabria (Southern Italy) 11
Effect of storage conditions on provole’s characteristics 11
Effect of acidification and salt concentration on two black brined Sicily olives (cv moresca and giarraffa) 10
Environmental Impact of Food Preparations Enriched with Phenolic Extracts from Olive Oil Mill Waste 9
Effects of Climate on Fruit Growth and Development on Olive Oil Quality in Cultivar Carolea 9
Studio dell’attitudine alla trasformazione di olive Verdi e pigmentate di varietà calabresi (cv Geracese, Carolea e Ottobratica) 8
Evaluation of different salted governing liquids on shelf life extension of lacto-fermented mozzarella cheese 8
Characterization of volatile organic compounds in ‘rossa di tropea’ onion by means of headspace solid-phase microextraction gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (Hs/spme gc–ms) and sensory analysis 7
Physical and Thermal Evaluation of Olive Oils from Minor Italian Cultivars 5
Totale 1900
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